Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


5. five.

Jen broke down crying. 

"I'm so sorry." Harry said as he sat next to Jennifer while holding her. Her sobs were so loud that it echoed in the small room. 

"What happened?!" David, the manager said as he walked in.

"David, Jennifer's dad was murdered." Harry said. 

"Jen, I'm so sorry. We have to contact the police, then you should go home, I can't stand to see you this way, it's best you get some rest!" David said. Jennifer didn't say anything because her sobs were taking all her air. Everyone in the office heard her crying and it was taking a toll on everyone, they all felt a deep sorrow-filled pity. Jen took her phone and called the police station and identified her father's death. Afterwards she grabbed her stuff out of her locker, clocked out, and drove home. She couldn't focus on anything. When she got home there were police cars and reporters all around. 

"Great. Just what I need." She mumbled to herself. She got out and journalists, reporters, and other people with cameras, microphones and other contraptions of all kinds surrounded and hounded her like vultures. 

"What is you're reaction to your father's tragic death?" 

"What will you miss most about your dad?" 

"If your dad was watching this, what would you want him to know?" 

The questions were too much and too detailed and personal, so she pushed through the crowd and went inside. 

"Mom?" Jen called. There was no answer. Jennifer walked into the kitchen expecting her mom to be there, but she wasn't there. So she went upstairs and into her mom's room. 

"Mom! You in here?" She walked into the bathroom. 

"Fucking Christ." Jen said. Her mom was underwater. 

"Mom, no." Jen cried, she pulled her mom out, and she gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation, felt her wrist, but it did no good. Her mom was dead. She grabbed her phone and dialed 911. 

"911, what's your emergency?" 

"My mom's dead." 

"Are you sure? Did you check for a pulse?" 

"Performed CPR and everything. She's gone." Jennifer said, she almost started sobbing but she kept it in because she was on the phone. 

"I need your location."

"13 Warren Street, Fitzrovia, London W1T 5LH, UK" 

"Okay ma'am we have an ambulance on the way." 

"Thanks." The call ended. Jennifer set her phone down and saw there was a note taped to the mirror.  

My Dearest Jennifer, 

Well I found out that your father has been murdered and I no longer have the will to go on because I thought long and hard about what you told me. I constantly put you down and you don't deserve that life. So I have decided to do what's best for you and commit suicide. Since you're an only child, you will get all of the money from me, your father, and the house. You may not believe me but I love you and I couldn't be more proud of you. Please take care of yourself and stay out of trouble

Sincerely, your loving mother, Belle 

Jennifer started to cry. She did not know if it was out of anger, sadness, or happiness. She hated her mother with a passion but at the same time didn't want her to die. Not like that. Not now. 

"I was so fucking close to just saving my own money mom!" She shouted at her dead mother's corpse. She cursed and talked to her deceased mom, she laughed, she cried, and felt pitiful for herself. When the paramedics came they took her body away and left her there. 

"What now?" She asked herself.

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