Stockholm Syndrome // h.s. (ON HOLD)

"Trust me, you're never leaving, but if you do, you'll leave loving me."


11. eleven.

"Jennifer!" Harry said while shaking Jen. She instantly shot up from her sleeping postion and started to tremble. 

"Are you alright?" He asked. 

"I had the worst dre- nightmare ever Harry." She cried, tears rolled down from her face as she bundled up into a ball, holding her knees to her chest. 

"What happened? Do you want to talk about it?" He asked as he rested his hand on her shoulder. 
"I woke up and you weren't h-here, you left a note that s-said to go to this addres-s-ss, when I g-got there you made me close my eyes and b-b-brought me into a basement. You told me that you had a surprise and it was my adoptive parents. Wh-hen I tried hugging them t-they were d-dead and they turned to a-a-aa-sh, and you put a sack o-over m-my h-heead." She started to cry harder now that she restated what she dreamed of.  Harry's eyes started to water and he scooted next to Jen and hugged her. He comforted her and cuddled her in her time of need.  

"I'm sorry you had to dream that." He said as her kissed her temple. Eventually Jennifer stopped crying and feel back asleep in Harry's arms.  


author's note: 

So, I apologize if this was bad, I've been busy with this thing called school... I call it hell. Anyways comment what you thought of the past two chapters and what you think the dream was suppose to mean! Also, if you haven't already, check out my other fan fiction Ride, I have like 3 chapters in that and it's not doing so well views, likes, comment, and favorites wise. Go check it out, watch the trailer and tell me what you think of that too! Love you all! 


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