Janes Revenge

Its about a girl called Jane who finds herself in hospital due to a tragic accident. Her doctor (who becomes her friend during her journey and quest) Tara Knowles tells her that when she falls asleep she will remember bits of her accident and what she hoped to do before her accident, not only that Tara also tells her this accident will affect her severely because she is diagnosed with amnesia. Jane then feels like she has nothing to live, but before she gives up, she figures out who causes her accident and how they will pay. Little that Jane knows, its not just the hallucinations of her medication, her mother is actually sick, she thinks her mother has a heart problem, so she thinks, the people that caused her accident actually poisoned her mother and theirs nothing they can do for her


4. The Worst First Day Of School

Everyone was just silent, no one even brought up what happened, not even Nikki nor Brie which was surprising because they like to hear a lot of gossip or problems, pretty much anything to be honest.

It took about 10 minutes until we arrived at school, boy was I not looking forward to it, everyone staring at me like I was a ghost who didn't go to heaven because of some unfinished deeds, that would also be cool I can imagine that, me not going to heaven to finish some deeds, amazing how this relates to my life right now haha, anyways i'm walking with Nikki and Brie and some person, a guy had opened his gob and said

"Oh look, the little jealous bitch has returned with her self conscious little toys"

Did he just say self conscious little toys?, shits going to get real now, how dare he offend me and my friends, who does he think he is?

"Listen you snot nosed, rat faced, fat, orangutan plant thing go back to swinging trees as your professional job asshole"

Nikki and Brie's eyes were wide open and there jaws hit the floor like they had no bones in there jaw

"What's wrong Nikki...Brie?"

I stare at their eyes to see who or whom they were staring at, I follow where they were staring at and what I saw made me want to cry, I can't believe it, are my eyes deceiving me?, is this a dream?


It's not a dream I turn and see Pauline making out with Jax, my eyes begin to burn, and water is running down my face and everyone looks at me, laughing, pointing and yelling, my head is spinning and everything is blurring out, I trun and run the other way, to escape the embarassment of me crying infront of people.

"Jane wait" Nikki puts her arms around my chest to stop me from going anywhere, I violently threw my head in her chest and screamed to let my frustration out, I leave my head there for a good five minutes before lifting it up to see the harsh reality i'm in.

"Lets go to class Jane"

"Yeah ok" we walk off to go to our class because the bell was about ring but before we could get to class, we hear a scream, Nikki looks at me and I look at her back, before I knew it we were running to where the scream came from.


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