Janes Revenge

Its about a girl called Jane who finds herself in hospital due to a tragic accident. Her doctor (who becomes her friend during her journey and quest) Tara Knowles tells her that when she falls asleep she will remember bits of her accident and what she hoped to do before her accident, not only that Tara also tells her this accident will affect her severely because she is diagnosed with amnesia. Jane then feels like she has nothing to live, but before she gives up, she figures out who causes her accident and how they will pay. Little that Jane knows, its not just the hallucinations of her medication, her mother is actually sick, she thinks her mother has a heart problem, so she thinks, the people that caused her accident actually poisoned her mother and theirs nothing they can do for her


2. The Unlikeliest Of Friends

I wake in disbelief, was that dream real? was that a future or a past event? why do i keep seeing these events? my eye begins to hurt snapping me out of my thinking frenzy and I realize the sun is in my eyes, wait the sun... it's a brand new day, i'm getting out of this hospital bed and going home and... shit it's a school day, waah I have to see those fucking two bit hoes today but what will I wear, I don't have any clean clothes, nothing that mum can't fix, speaking of mum where is she? all of a sudden the door swings open


I have these two random girls come up and hug me, on the bright side at least they don't look like Jess and Pauline, if anything these two girls were twins and they were suffocating me

"Your... choking... me."

"Ooh, sorry Jane."

They loosen their grip and I desperately gasp for air, I look the in the eyes and all of a sudden it hits me, these were the bitches that threw egg at me in the canteen

"Hey, I remember..."

They cut me off, which is no surprise they do that a lot to people and it gets really annoying

"Look Jane, you might not remember us but... just to let you know we just wanted to see if your ok and to see if you were doing fine."

"Wow, well first of all thank you for caring and checking up on me and secondly I remember you two crystal clear, you were the cows that threw egg at me in the canteen and also tried to tell me that my friends were using little skanks."

"Umm... yeah about that..."

I cut them off to prove that they were right about Jess and Pauline, but i've always had trust issues clearly not with my ex-friends but that's soon changing

"It's ok, you were right about them, they are using little skanks"

"We're terribly sorry you figured that out and not trying to be rude but can we ask you a two-parter question?"

"Yeah, I guess."

This better be interesting their questions either offend people or are just irrelevant and what's even worse it's a two-parter question

"When do you come back to school and we know you have amnesia, but do you remember our names?"

"I come back to school today actually and your names... hmm... umm... I don't remember, sorry.."

"Ok, that's great that you come back today and no hard feelings about our names, but we are Nicole and Brianna or 'Nikki and Brie' for short and also we're sorry about the whole egg thing."

"Hey, don't worry about it, if anything how about we let by-gones be by-gones and start all over, what do you say?"

"We would love that, now who you hanging around with at lunch today?'

"So far... no one, your the only two people that have come to see if I was alright"

"Wow, we are so sorry to hear that."

Yeah Nikki and Brie intend to say "Wow" a lot but it doesn't bother because that's who they are

"We have a brilliant idea Jane"

"What's that?"

Oh boy i'm going to regret asking what their question was

"Why don't you hang around with Brie and I and we don't mean until you find friends, we want you to be our friends, what do you say to that?"

"Wow... omg... you serious? yes, yes of course i'll be friends with you"

Could this day get any better i'm getting out of the hospital because i'm ready to fight this amnesia head on and what's even better I have my two new friends Nikki and Brie to help me, this is the best day of my life.

"That's great... GROUP HUG!" 

We are hugging each other so tight that I don't even care, I've never been this happy since I got new dog for my birthday and that was 4 years ago, while we are still hugging Dr.Knowles walks in with a bag to give me

"Hi Dr.Knowles, what's in that bag? is it for me?"

"It's prescribed medication and yes it is for you Jane."

"Ok, what's it for?"

"This is to take when you feel dizziness or nausea because you have been in the hospital for a few weeks now your body has gotten used to the drip and this medication should help your body get back to normal in no time."

"Thanks Dr and is my mum dropping me and my 2 new besties to school?"

"Unfortunately your mum had to run some errands for the day, but I can drop you off if you like?"

"That would be great Dr"

"Anytime Jane, and please call me Tara."

"Ok... Tara"

"It's ok I won't get offended if you call me Tara, but if you want to get to school on time we best be leaving now."

"Wait I have no clothes to wear and there is no way i'm going to school dressed like this."

"Oops, almost forgot, you mum gave these to me, I assume these are your school clothes."

"Yep that's them i'll just go to the toilet and put these on."

"Sounds good and when your done meet me outside so I can drop you and your friends off."

"Ok sounds like a plan."



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