Janes Revenge

Its about a girl called Jane who finds herself in hospital due to a tragic accident. Her doctor (who becomes her friend during her journey and quest) Tara Knowles tells her that when she falls asleep she will remember bits of her accident and what she hoped to do before her accident, not only that Tara also tells her this accident will affect her severely because she is diagnosed with amnesia. Jane then feels like she has nothing to live, but before she gives up, she figures out who causes her accident and how they will pay. Little that Jane knows, its not just the hallucinations of her medication, her mother is actually sick, she thinks her mother has a heart problem, so she thinks, the people that caused her accident actually poisoned her mother and theirs nothing they can do for her


1. The Truth


I wake up startled, my heart running a marathon

“Oh Jane, Jane my dear your awake.”

“M...mum, wha... what happened.” “

Shh... all you need to do Jane is rest.”

My heart is still racing, i'm just trying to figure out how i ended up here? and what happened to me?

“Ah Dr. Knowles...*whispers* how is she?”

“She's doing fine, but I need to talk to her... alone.” her voice sounded so fake, i could tell by the tone of her voice that something bad happened  ad she tried to cover it

“Oh...ok...I'll be back in a minute Jane.” mums voice sounded so sad, i could see in her eyes that she was worried about me.

Mum walks out slowly with her head down and her hands cupped to her face, was she crying?

“So Jane, how have you been feeling?” her voice was shaky

“Fine, actually great.”

“Have you felt, or had any weird dreams?”

“No...why is that a bad thing?”

“Well...not exactly...”

“What do you mean not exactly?”

“Jane, the results came back and you have amnesia.”

“N... No... why me? Of all the people why me?”

“Jane, if you go to sleep and try to dream about the accident you will understand more about how your amnesia was caused.”

“Oh...ok...” I wish i don't wake up now that i have amnesia, what do i have to live for now?

I close my eyes and clear my mind so i can sleep easier 

*Dream Starts*

“Hahaha, Jane you are so funny.”

“Thanks Jessica, your one of my bestest friend I have ever had.”

*Jessica and Pauline*


“So...Jane what do you think about Jax?” '


“Come on Jane, you can tell us anything.”

"Well, Pauline I absolutely have a major crush on him.”

*Jessica and Pauline* "Eek!”

“Oh my god...JANE WE LIKE HIM TOO!”'

“I'm sorry to hear that guys but...”

“His blue eyes will never meet your hideous, snail shit, emerald green eyes!”


“It's true Jane, your brown hair has so many split ends it looks like a shriveled up cactus”'

“Listen Pauline at least I'm not a fugly bitch like you! and you Jess, Jax knows you open your heart just like you open your legs wide enough because your a hungry, desperate little slut.”

Jessica and Pauline push me onto the road

“OW...what...” I get to my feet but before I can move a big metal object hits me and sends me flying towards the footpath and all I hear are the sounds of footsteps running away

*Dream Ends*

I wake up startled again, my eyes wide open, to the horror I just saw, it felt like I was there, in that event, surely it wasn't me, was it?

“JANE, are you ok?”

My heart pounds, trying to jump out of my chest, was that really me? did that really happen? do dreams lie? or are they future and past?

“Dr. Knowles was right.”

“Right about what?" '

"If i fell asleep i would have more of an understanding of my amnesia, how could my friends betray me like this?"

"Yes it was Jess' and Pauline's fault but the main part is that your here now and nothing is going to take you away from me"'

"Why would they do this to me? how could they do... those stupid little hoes they did it so they could get Jax."

“Jax, who's Jax?”

“He is the guy I like, his blonde hair, blue eyes and personality is what got my heart, and now because of my amnesia he might never like me, my hopes and dreams are shattered.”

“Jane, it's not about your amnesia, what will make him like you is your good looks and personality.”

I start to cam down bit now, mum is good when it comes to supporting me and when it comes to knocking out the denial in my head

“You sure mum?”

"Yes Jane I’m sure, here take a look”

I hesitate at first but when I look at the mirror my eyes become glued to it 

“If you just ignore the scruffy hair and teary eyes that you have now, there will be a beautiful girl tomorrow morning.”

“Ha, thanks mum.”

“Anytime sweetie, just remember tomorrow you have to get ready for school.”

I whinge trying to convince mum

“Oh mum, do I have to.”'

“Tsk, yes Jane every 16 yr old girl has to go to school and if you have trouble sleeping here are some prescriptive sleeping pills, just in case.”

"Thanks mum" I take the sleeping pills and already I feel drowsy, they kicked in pretty fast.

Mum gags

*Gasps* "Mum... are you ok?”

“Ugh, yes Jane I’m fine, don't you worry about me, just get some sleep so you can go to school tomorrow ok.”

“Ok mum, I will.”

I shut my eyes and try and think about all the possibilities why mum gagged and why she wouldn't tell me, is she hiding something? Is she taking medication that is making her sick? I hate it when mum does this to me it really worries me then all I think about is her and her health, but mums a strong girl and she'll get through it...I hope. The last thing I need is to sit there and care for my mum and she wouldn't want me to do that anyway, but what if I have to? What if my mum doesn't get better? Jane stop thinking horrible things like this, it's probably just the sleeping pills kicking in and they are causing hallucinations, besides mum will be fine and like she said i just need some sleep, i have a big day ahead of me and what I mean by a big day is, school.

I drift off in my sleep quickly due to the effects of the sleeping pills when all of a sudden i see myself, just walked right through me, my jaw begins to drop as I see myself with Jax having a conversation

“Jane, I'm glad your out of the hospital”

“Do you care? And I mean really care Jax, your not just saying that to make me feel good or to give me sympathy for what happened?”

“I'm hurt that you would even think of that Jane, don't you remember?”

“Remember what?”

“Right I forgot, the amnesia, well before your accident Jane I was going to tell you something but I never got the chance to do that.”

“Well...what is it?”

 “I love you.”


“I love you Jane.”

“Prove it.”

“Ok.” He puts his hands around my waist and pulls me slightly closer to him, we look at each other firmly in the eyes, not looking away, he lowers his head closer to me and his soft lips touch mine, I put my hand up his shirt and rub his chest, he rubs his hands up my thighs and keeps moving them up to unbutton my shirt but before he can do that I pull away.

“What's wrong Jane?”

“Umm...we need a room.”


I giggle “We need a room Jax.”

“Oh right, well let's go to my place unless...”

“Unless what?”

“Unless you want to go to your place.”

I giggle again “Oh Jax your so thoughtful, that is why I love you.”

Jax is saying something but I can't here a word he is saying

“Sorry Jax I can't here you, can you speak louder.”

Jax opens his mouth again and says something but I can't here him, but suddenly I hear a voice calling my name, a familiar voice.

“Jane, Jane, Jane.”

I look around trying to see where the voice is coming from, I turn towards Jax but something is different about him now, it was his face, his face was no longer Jax but the face of my mother, calling my name.

“Jane, Jane, Jane.”

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