Janes Revenge

Its about a girl called Jane who finds herself in hospital due to a tragic accident. Her doctor (who becomes her friend during her journey and quest) Tara Knowles tells her that when she falls asleep she will remember bits of her accident and what she hoped to do before her accident, not only that Tara also tells her this accident will affect her severely because she is diagnosed with amnesia. Jane then feels like she has nothing to live, but before she gives up, she figures out who causes her accident and how they will pay. Little that Jane knows, its not just the hallucinations of her medication, her mother is actually sick, she thinks her mother has a heart problem, so she thinks, the people that caused her accident actually poisoned her mother and theirs nothing they can do for her


3. The 'Thing'

I walk to the toilet which wasn't far, I was pretty much right next to it, lucky right? I walk in and all of a sudden i'm hit with a horrible smell, a smell I couldn't recognize, I went and followed the smell to one of the cubicles, I go and try to open the door, no surprise it was locked, I just ignore the smell and put on my school clothes, I grab the shirt mum left for me and I remembered we don't have a specific school uniform to wear, did they change it while I was unconscious? I grab the shirt and realize it wasn't just any shirt, it was my favorite shirt, I used to wear it everywhere, that was until my accident, I take off the hospital gown and slip on my shirt, after that i'm grabbing my undies and my black jeans and putting them on, I put on my anklet socks and canvas high tops, after i finished that i realize the smell had gotten worse and i can't take it anymore, I try and open the door but it just won't budge, lucky these doors aren't sturdy, I raise my foot hoping that i remember all my karate kicks my teacher taught me, I swing my leg as hard as I can and all I hear the the hinges giving way so I move, the dust clears to my horror of what I see I just scream.


The face... it... it's all moldy, the... the eyes... they're.... they're just lifeless, the fingers black as charcoal...

"....Help.... Help me..."


I'm screaming not taking my eyes off this 'thing' that just spoke to me, I'm horrified, what is this?, who is this?, so many questions yet little answers, all of a sudden the door swings open

"Jane... Jane are you ok"

It's Dr.Knowles... umm I mean Tara, she talks to me but I don't look her way, my eyes are fixed on this one 'thing'

"Omg... what is that?"

My eyes are still fixed on the 'thing', for some reason I can't look away, if anything I want to touch it. I walk towards it and reach my hand out to touch it but before I can do it, the 'thing' has grabbed my hand and pulling me towards it

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! help me Tara"

"Let go of her you... you... rotten piece of shit"

The 'thing loosens it's grip just enough so I can pull my hand away from it

"I'm glad you're ok Jane, please go outside and i'll meet you there, i'll just get the nurses to put this 'thing' in a hospital bed and hopefully identify what it is, but until that time please meet me outside with Nicole and Brianna"

"O... Ok"

I walk outside towards the doors, glancing every so often behind me to see if I get to see that 'thing' again. I reach the doors and Nikki and Brie are already in the car, which is no surprise they always like to get to things first but it doesn't bother me, all I can think about is that 'thing' what was it? who was it? was it even human? I'm broken from my focus by Brie calling my name

"Hey Jane, are you coming?" 

"Be there in a minute" 

I walk towards the car and all i'm thinking about is this 'thing', what was so special about it that I couldn't stop thinking about it? I open the car door and sit down trying to hide any traumatic, scared facial expressions but I fail and i'm swarmed with questions

"Hey Jane what's up?, are you ok Jane?, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong with me, just worried about school I guess"

There's nothing to be worried..."

Brie's sentence is cut short as Tara walks and opens the car door frustratingly and starts the engine, giving me an 'are you ok' look, Brie and Nikki notice the look Tara is giving me and end up giving me a 'you're going to tell us what happened' look, ugh could my day get any worse.

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