Janes Revenge

Its about a girl called Jane who finds herself in hospital due to a tragic accident. Her doctor (who becomes her friend during her journey and quest) Tara Knowles tells her that when she falls asleep she will remember bits of her accident and what she hoped to do before her accident, not only that Tara also tells her this accident will affect her severely because she is diagnosed with amnesia. Jane then feels like she has nothing to live, but before she gives up, she figures out who causes her accident and how they will pay. Little that Jane knows, its not just the hallucinations of her medication, her mother is actually sick, she thinks her mother has a heart problem, so she thinks, the people that caused her accident actually poisoned her mother and theirs nothing they can do for her


5. Could Things Get Any Worse?

"Nikki, Brie what are you staring at?"

There eyes are wide open, staring off into the distance, there jaws dropped to the ground like they had no bones in them. I follow to where there looking at and before long my eyes were wide opened and my jaw hit the ground. What I saw I coudn't believe it, Pauline was lying on the ground, with her hands cupped around her face, with blood pouring out of her and Jessica kissing Jax, that tramp, first Pauline and now her, I always thought she was a slut but really, did she really have to go to that extent? first she causes my amnesia, now this, hurting her friend and trying to take my crush away from me, my eyes began to burn and I saw red, I was built with so much anger that I cried in frustration. My eyes began to burn, my brain throbs ad my heart pounds, my thoughts are blurry, my head spinning and i'm feeling light headed, I get sharp stabbing pains in my chest, like a knife being pierced though me, stab, stab, stab, is the last thing i feel before I blackut ad the hit the floor

I wake up startled, hyperventilating, looking around to see where I am, I calm down once I realize I'm in the hospital. Great are you kidding me i'm back to where I started, could things get any worse?

I slap myself to see if it's reality.

"Ow" yep it's reality, I cup my hands around my face and cry again, thinking what did I do to deserve this? Why does this always happen to me? I start to calm myself down realising it wasn't good for me to keep beating myself up for what had happened, then all of a sudden, a picture flashed before my eyes.

"That person, that thing" I said aloud, taliking to myself, I wondered what or who it could be, why it was in the restroom? How long it was there for? all these questions I had no answer for. I thought more and more about this thing but i was sidetracked by the door opening.

"Jane, omg Jane you're ok, we were so worried about you"

"Hey Brie, hey Nikki it's good to see you too" They're such good friends, I thought to myself but I couldn't get that thing out of my head, I wasn't subtle about it Brie and Nikki could obviously see i was out of it.

"Hey Jane, are you ok? Nikki had that worried look on her face again, I love her for that though, finally someone who actually gives a shit about me other than my mum.

"Yeah i'm fine, it's nothing major"

"Jane don't lie to me, i'm not that stupid" Nikki, the smart one, of course she could see through my bluff, I didn't want them to worry, I didn't want them to think that "The Thing" had traumatised me in any way but before I could say anything Dr.Knowles came running in my room in panic, then her eyes locked with mine, she had some bad news, I could see it in her eyes and in her face.

"Umm Jane... I have something to tell you" she looked away from me, was it really that bad that it pained her to tell me? thoughts run through my head, what had happened, was there something wrong with me? Did Jessica do something to Jax? I know I saw them kissing but that doesn't mean i've giving up on him, my thought were cut short as I heard Bree scream something.

"WHAT, WHAT HAPPENED?" Brie seemed distressed, worried and confused, I couldn't think of what happened I didn't even hear it, was it really that bad?

"Jane, we're so sorry"

"Brie, what happened?"

"Jane, didn't you hear? Your mother is in the hospital"

"Wait what, what happened? is she ok?" what happened to my mum, did she hurt herself? what happened? I can't lose my mum, not now, i'm trying to think of all the possibilities but I can't think straight.

"Jane, your next door neighbour Bert found her passed out on the floor, her coffee had spilled all over the floor but he said he would clean it up, i'm sorry Jane"

"How could've this happened? Why did it happen? What did she do to deserve to be put in hospital? Was it a heart problem?"

"No Jane, it has nothing to do with her heart"

"Then what?"

"We don't know just yet, we are testing her now to figure out what happened, but just get some rest Jane, you're not exactly in the right state of mind either, after you passed out at school"

"I'm fine, I just want to see mum, I have to see her, I have to see if she's ok, I have to see if she's alright, I have to..."

"Jane, just calm down, what you need to do is rest, yu can see her in the morning, I'm sorry Jane but it has to be like that for now"

Dr.Knowles walks out of my room, Nikki and Brie are y my side with there hands around my shoulders for support, my eyes begins to burn my heart starts to pound, I look down at my legs and then that shy tear ran down my face, causing the pain I feel to grow and my emotions began to over power me. More tears ran down my face ruining whatever was left of my make up, Brie grabs my head and puts it on her chest while she stroked my head to comfort me and to try and calm me down, how much more do I have to endure before my life can fix itself? all these questions are exhausting, if she goes I go, i'll have nothing left to live for, before I knew it, I had cried myself to sleep, resting to face my mother in a hospital bed tomorrow.






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