When Darkness Meets Light - Harry Styles

She was the Darkness, and he was the Light Outfits: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=4087637


1. o n e .



The stares were normal, the populars eyeing my choice of clothing, the jocks wondering why couldn't I be like

everyone else so that on of them could admit to fucking girl in the school, the nerds freaking out at the sight of me and

of course the newbies, the people who think they can talk to me because I'm just another student they want to get to

know. But no one "knows" me, neither will they, because I am Jessica Stanton; and I am The Darkness.



Everyone looked at me with wide eyes as I approached her, like I was about to commit suicide, now I know to them I

practically was. But to me, she was so intriguing; she seemed dark mysterious, a puzzle waiting to be solved but no

one knew how to, Except me. As I reached her my hands shook with fear, she turned to face me a scowl on her face,

obviously not wanting me there, I am Harry Styles; and I am The Light.



He hated her. She was the centre of attention, Not only for her "punk" look and her standing out of everyone else, but

she was one of the most beautiful girls in school, the only girl who didn't cake her face in make-up, the only girl who

didn't want to dress or act like anyone else, the only girl that everyone on the football team hadn't fucked, and the

only girl who stood up to Luke, because she wasn't afraid of him, I did help being his secret sister.



He loved her from day one, but he didm;t know how to express his feelings for her without being considered a freak

for talking to her let alone having feelings for her, but he felt sympathy for her, she didn't have friends that anyone

knew of, and rumours went around that her last boyfriend broke up with her because she was too punk to show off.

He wanted to be the guy she loved, to guy she thought about day and night, but there was already someone standing

in the way of that.



He was despirate to be the first present to have had sex with every girl in the school, he would do anything to claim

the title, even if it meant betraying the people closest to him. He had a plan to win the crown and nothing was going to

stop him trying, not him, not her, not anyone.



They kept their relationship a secret, no one could know that the punk freak was best friends with one of the jocks.

They had known each other forever, and nothing stopped them from being friends, when he moved to her school she

made sure that they weren't seen together, her reputation and intimidation came from her being a "loner" and coping

with not having friends. Her life was easy because everyone was scared of her, and he didn't want to change that.



He was quite, never messed with her or anyone, she was thankful for that. He wanted to be friends with everyone but

made an exception for her. But when he came and broke the rules of leaving her alone, all he wanted was to be

friends with her, his obsession with befriending everyone bonded him from what he was doing to make this friendship.



He never knew who she was until they showed up at his party and at that moment he fell inlove with her. And no

one knew how, It just happened that she stole his heart without her knowing, and he didn't know how to get it back.



They were the top two students in their class, the teachers liked him most because of his bubbly and enthusiastic

personality, but she alway got the highest marks, she never talked or really payed attention in class but



He was her worst enemy, he was best friends with her brother which made her hate him more, but the worst part

was that,he hated her, for no reason and all because his best friend hared her aswell. but what he didnt know, was

how much pain he caused her all for a friendship.

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