Isabella Styles and Harry Styles are known assassins around the world and especially in the city of London. They are wanted for acts of terrorism as well as murder and treason. When they get attacked by a gang and Isabella is confronted with Zayn Malik a sexy gang leader what will happen? Will she stand her ground or will she fall for him?


3. Chapter 3

Isabella's POV


I must have fallen asleep because I open my eyes and I'm in a different bedroom. I sit up and everything feels sore. I groan and then look down. My clothes I was wearing before aren't on me and I'm wearing a pair of sweatpants that are way too big on me and a t-shirt that goes down to the middle of my thighs. I get out of bed and stand up walking to an attached bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror and my eyes widen. I look like crap! I find a brush in one of the cabinets and use it to brush out my brown hair which makes it into brown curls. I wash my face and then I decide that's better than before. Well I should probably work on finding Harry. I quietly walk around the room looking for a sort of weapon when I find a pocket knife. Not my first choice but it will do. I put it in the waist band of the pants and walk quietly down the halls. I can see cameras already and I can tell I'm on the second floor. I crawl on the floor like the cool person I am and try to find him when I hear his voice. Funny it's him laughing! What the hell? I look around the corner stunned to see Zayn his three other buddies and my brother laughing together drinking beer as if they're best buddies! I go back and then I hear Harry say he's going to the washroom. I lie against the wall flat but he sees me and says, "What the fuck are you doing?!" I get up and say, "Trying to save your ass but it seems like you're best friends with them now." "No Bella I joined the gang," he says. He joined their gang? Why the fuck would he join their gang. Ugh why are brothers so dumb? Zayn and the others are there by now and watching us. I clench my fist and punch my brother in the eye hard. He starts bruising immediately and he looks at me with a shocked look. "Why the hell did you just do that to me?!" Harry asks surprised. "Because you're being so fucking stupid," I answer back punching him in the lip. His lip starts bleeding and that's when he hits back. He decides to go for my weak spot and punches me in the boob. Who the fuck punches someone in the boob?! I block his attempts and kick him in the nuts making him go down in pain anyways. "You worthless son of a bitch," I say tony brother disappointed. He abruptly stands up pushing me against the wall by my neck. I struggle for my breath as he says, "Isabella Anne Styles, you're my sister and I love you but let me do what I think is best. After all I am older." With that, he drops me and walks away with the other boys except Zayn following. I drop to the ground and regain my breathing. Zayn then says, "Are you hungry or thirsty?" I nod not wanting to speak yet and he helps me up leading me to the kitchen. He grabs a glass of water and gives it to me while he starts making something else. I drink it gratefully then he looks at me and says, "So do you two try to kill each other all the time?" I laugh a bit and say, "No not really we just have disagreements." He nods and says, "Well your brother's right. You're joining the gang he's just joining willingly." I shake my head in protest, "No I do not want to join your petty little gang just because my brother said so!" Zayn smirks and walks closer to me. I realize how close we are and he backs me up until I'm against the wall. I try to escape but he puts his hands on either side of my head and blocks my small body with his large one. "You will be joining our gang whether you want to or not. That's a rule as well as you're mine. Not anyone else's. Mine." He walks away leaving me to process what he just said. That possessive son of a bitch.

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