Isabella Styles and Harry Styles are known assassins around the world and especially in the city of London. They are wanted for acts of terrorism as well as murder and treason. When they get attacked by a gang and Isabella is confronted with Zayn Malik a sexy gang leader what will happen? Will she stand her ground or will she fall for him?


2. Chapter 2

Harry's POV

I'm fighting off a bunch of guys but then I get shot in the leg. I go down and don't even bother to fight back. Bella was stronger than me at that anyways. I get dragged away but Bella doesn't notice cause she's fighting different guys off anyways. I get taken away by two guys in a white van. I guess they figure I'm out of it anyways so they don't drug me. I keep quiet and look out at the surroundings. It looks like we're going farther away from the city and into the woods. The van stops in front of a white mansion and I then get dragged into the mansion but led down different halls that seem like a never ending maze. I finally get placed into an interrogation room with one way glass and I get seated in a metal chair bolted to the floor with chains around my ankles and wrists attaching me to the chair. I sit there and wait for a very long time and no one comes. I hope Bella is ok.

Isabella's POV

I wake up and I'm in an interrogation room. I'm facing one way glass and I can see my reflection. I look horrible. My hair is a mess and I have bruises and cuts on my face. I notice that my nose has a cast type thing and that my shoulder has a bandage on it and that my fingers have a cast on them as well. I guess I got a few broken fingers while I was punching. My deep cuts like the one in my throat is bandaged with gauze and I'm alone. The door opens and in walks Zayn. I look at him as he sits down and hands me a glass of water. I don't take it in case he drugged it and he says, "So let's start with question one. What is your name?" How the hell does he not know? "You already know it since you said it earlier," I say rolling my eyes. He then says, "Ok look I'm not a very big fan of sarcastic answers and comments and I hate when people lie so let's make this clear. Answer my questions and you don't get tortured." I nod and don't say anything. "What is your name?" He asks again. I sigh and say, "Isabella Styles, Bella for short." "You and your brother are fraternal twins yes?" He asks jotting everything down. Obviously we are fraternal twins we both have brown curly hair and we both have emerald green eyes and we also both are born on the same day except Harry is one minute older than me which pisses me off. "Bella!" I look up as he shouts my name and slams the table. "Are you and your brother fraternal twins?" He asks staring me in the eyes. "Yes we are," I say in an aggravated tone. He thinks I'm a kindergartner and he is asking the most obvious questions. "So where did you train to be an assassin," He asks in an interested tone. I shrug as I don't need to answer and then he punches me in the face. I reopen my eyes and I say, "The longer you torture me the longer I won't answer your questions." He smirks and then he starts unbuttoning his jeans. When he takes off his top to show his toned abs I finally get it. He is going to sexually torture me. I try to scoot away in the chair but fail as my ankles are tied to the chair. He laughs and says, "Now you want to answer questions huh? Too bad." "No stop stop stop," I say as he comes closer to me like a predator stalking its prey. I'm still a virgin and I would like to lose my virginity decently not by rape in an interrogation room. "You're still a virgin aren't you?" He smirks coming closer. "No," I mumble while looking somewhere other than him. He stops and says, "Fine answer this question and you won't be losing your virginity tonight." I bite my lip to stop the profanities that could come out and he asks, "Where did you train?" "I honestly don't know but they were all criminals and assassins in their twenties or thirties," I say. He smirks shakes his head and walks out leaving me alone. What the fuck just happened? 

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