Isabella Styles and Harry Styles are known assassins around the world and especially in the city of London. They are wanted for acts of terrorism as well as murder and treason. When they get attacked by a gang and Isabella is confronted with Zayn Malik a sexy gang leader what will happen? Will she stand her ground or will she fall for him?


1. Chapter 1

Isabella's (Bella's) POV


"Bella run get out of here, go to the hiding spot don't come out. Stay with your brother. We love you both," My parents say. They leave and my brother and I are left to fend for ourselves. I want to go up but then I hear gunfire. I start freaking out and I am crying hysterically and trying to get to my parents while my brother Harry holds me back and tries to muffle my screams with his hand. We hear the gunfire stop and we get out and climb out of the hole in the ground. I look around and see a bunch of people dead but worst of all is that my parents are dead. I run over to them with Harry and we both start crying even more. They are lying lifeless in their own pools of blood.

•End of Nightmare•

I awake suddenly from my sleep with sweat dripping down my face and body as well as tears on my face. My brother then comes in and says, "Are you ok?" I nod my head and he gives me the 'I know you're not okay' look. He comes over and sits with me in my bed whispering soothing things. I nod and once I regain composure he leaves and I'm left alone to drown in my sorrow. I still have nightmares even though I'm nineteen and my parents died four years ago. My brother and I have been living by ourselves for four years but we have caused a lot of trouble. We are wanted criminals over the world but also feared assassins in London. Once we got out of the house we took guns and got the hell out of there. We knew that our parents were involved with an assassins group but we didn't know it led to their death. The night we got a roof to sleep under was when we began our training as assassins. The assassins group our parents were part of took us in and trained us as their youngest assassins. I specialized in weapons fighting as well as physical fighting. I also had a knack for science. Once we 'graduated' from the assassins group which was when we were seventeen we took off on our own and killed if needed. We were trained to kill and we did. We've been wanted for crimes all over the world but we haven't been caught because authorities are scared of us and we're good. I get up and get clothes on. As I'm putting my hair up my brother comes in and says, "FBI, London Authorities, Homeland and CIA are outside the doors there's about 1000 men on foot all armed with grenades, machine guns and the government administered guns." I nod and say, "We go in three minutes." He nods and gets ammo and more of our stash of weapons into a bag. I grab a gun and strap it to my thigh and I also put on a bullet proof vest with more ammo. I strap some knives to my stomach and I tape another gun to my back. I also put knives in the heels of my boots and my brother meets me. Harry has cleaned the place so there is no DNA or evidence that we were there at all. We escape by going up and we're walking across the rooftops of London. We then see from afar the authorities' raiding our apartment and finding no one. I look at the time and it's four in the morning still dark. Harry and I finally get to ground and were walking in dark alleyways when I hear footsteps behind us. I look behind us but no one is there. I look to Harry and I know he hears it too. As assassins we were trained to fight with all our senses. We stop and the footsteps continue. My brother I see gets strangled from behind and so do I. I take the guys arms and slam him on his back. I shoot him and he goes limp. I get attacked knocking the gun out of my hands and I stick a knife into his neck. I can feel his blood squirt on my face as he lies limp. I push him off. As I stand up I get punched in the nose and I can feel a crack and blood gushing down which means I broke my nose. I then get my shoulder twisted into the ground and I can feel it dislocate. One thing we got taught as assassins was to endure pain and torture. I groan in pain as I get lifted up by my hair and pressed into the wall. I then feel a hand slip up under my shirt and the hand takes out one of my knives. He then says, "Well well well, you're the famous assassin twin everyone wants right? My name's Zayn Malik and we will be with each other for a very long time." "Yeah right asshole," I say while he presses the knife to my throat cutting in. He laughs a sickly laugh and says, "Sweetheart I wouldn't be talking if I were you." I kick him in his dick and he lets go in pain. I run as fast as I can but then I get shot in the shoulder and tackled from the side. I can feel my ribs skid on the pavement and I know I have probably bruised them. My head gets smashed into the wall and my vision starts to go blurry. I get kicked in the stomach and punched in the face a few times but then a needle pricks into my arm and I pass out. 

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