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2. 1.9.15

January 9, 2015  6:07 PM


Nothing new happened today. Still on winter break. I've gained more weight and it's stressing me out. Can't really complain though because I'm doing this for my family. Not like I won't relapse or anything because I know I will. It's okay though. I read a poem and I believe it's my favorite poem at the moment. It's called Tell Us a Story, Grandma and it's by Natalie Wise. This is how it goes:


I wonder which ones I will remember:
That I loved my boyfriend’s best friend?
That I rode the lonely train to Boston?
That I could never hold myself together?
Maybe I should just tell them
Milk was $2.89 a gallon and bread was $3.29
And an iPhone was $200
In 2010, when I was 22.

I'm not sure why I love it, but I do. I read it in a magazine and I wanted to write it down so I'll never forget it. I hope Dr. Frank will like it. It's almost time to go see him. I have to give him my journal when I go see him so he can check my progress without asking me all those annoying questions. Oh, I almost forgot.


Daily Calorie Intake

Target: 1,000 calories

Breakfast: 70 calories

Lunch: 250 calories

Dinner: 600 calories

Snacks: 230 calories

Total: 1,150 calories


I don't have anything else to write.










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