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8. ~ Chapter Six ~

~ Chapter Six ~


“Out of all the bad Christmases in history of bad Christmases, this is definitely the worst.” I sniffled into my shirt sleeve. Everything was just like how it was on Christmas Eve. Luke and I were on the couch, everyone else was on the floor by the Christmas Tree, and my hot chocolate was completely cold. The only thing that was different was this; I knew my dad was gone forever. Yesterday I still had hope and faith that he would be home but now, now I know it’s not possible.

“I know.” Luke replies, running his hands gently through my hair.

“What am I going to do about… about Everything? I can’t live on my own, I’m not eighteen yet! And there’s no way I’ll be able to find money for this house anyway, and what about Scout? How will I feed her let alone myself?”

“Faith.” Luke says sternly, but not harshly. “Faith look at me.” I unwillingly bring my eyes to meet his. “I told you yesterday, I will never let you slip. I’ll help you with all that financial stuff okay? And you can come live with me and the guys, and everything will be alright. I promise."

“I just… could this day go any more wrong?!” I exclaim, upset beyond words. 

“Faith it’s going to be okay eventually, it’ll always hurt but it will get better.” Luke places a kiss on my forehead.

He opens his mouth to speak again, but gets cut off by his phone ringing. He quickly glances at it, and his face gets a twisted expression. “Is it okay if I take this?”

“Of course.” I reply mellowly, as he gets up and walks to the other side of the room.

“Hello?” He asks, answering the call. “Well now is kind of a bad time so-…” There’s a long pause before he proclaims, “What?!”

“What is it?” All the guys ask in unison, while the girls and I sit there in confusion.

“When?” Luke inquires into the phone, ignoring the guys. “No, no that can’t work. Isn’t there any other time?... No?… There has to be another way… You have to understand that there’s a major situation-… Please-?… Fine we’ll think about it.” He angrily pulls the phone away from his ear and lets out a long sigh of anger.

“Who was that?” I ask warily, not wanting to upset him further.

“Management.” Ashton answers me.

“How do you know that?” Danielle asks him.

“The way he talked, and the face he had on when he looked at his phone. It’s the same every time.” He says matter-of-factly. “So what did they say?”

“Well… They said that we have a huge opportunity ahead of us, to go on t- tour.” Luke spits out with worry in his voice.

“That’s amazing!” I sit up a little higher so that I can see Luke better. 

“Yeah, except for the fact that they want us to, to get on a plane t- tonight and fly back to Australia to get everything ready.” He says, his voice shaky. 

“What?” I reply stunned, tears threatening to come back to my eyes again. “Wait, why would you need to go back to Australia to get ready? You’ve all lived here in Minnesota for like 2 years straight. That doesn’t even make sense!” 

“I don’t know, they never really give us reasons for anything.” Luke shakes his head. “All they said is that our first show would be there for our families and such. I don’t know, he made it sound like something really important but… I don’t know, I don’t know if we should do it."

“Well we can’t, can we?” Michael chimes in. 

“What do you mean you can’t do it!?” I stand up, causing my blanket to fall to the ground. “You guys, this is a huge opportunity!” Even though I say it, I really don’t want them to take this offer. But I can’t just say I don’t want them to go either.

“We aren’t going to leave you alone after what’s just happened Faith!” Ashton says, looking to Calum for confirmation.

“Yeah,” He responds, “you’re going through a lot right now and it wouldn’t be fair to leave you alone.”

“I agree with the guys.” Alisha smiles sympathetically, “sorry Faith.”

“I just feel bad if I’m holding you guys back from something this big.” I walk over to Luke and put my arms around him. 

“You aren’t, because we want to stay, right guys?” He directs the question at them but he stares into my eyes, making butterflies rise inside of me.

“Right!” They all agree in unison.

“No, no this isn’t right guys.” I declare. “Look as much as I don’t want you to go, I can’t hold you back from at least seeing your families again in Australia. I mean it’s Christmas for goodness sake!”

“But-“ Luke begins to argue what I’ve said, but Ashton cuts him off. 

“I think I have an idea. How about we go tonight and play the one show in Australia, but don’t do the rest of the tour.” He looks around at all of us for agreement.

“I mean, I still feel bad, but I think I can agree with that.” I smile a little. 

“It’s a good idea Ash but…” Luke trails off for a moment and bites his lip. “I just, I just can’t leave Faith alone, even if it’s only a few days.” 

“Faith, have you ever been to Australia?” Ashton asks me in a staged deep voice.

“Why no Ashton I haven’t.” I answer him with the same voice, excitedly seeing what he’s getting at.

“How would you like to fly first class with 5 Seconds of Summer to their hometown?” 

“You mean the 5 Seconds of Summer!?” I giggle.

“I do believe so dear.” Ashton laughs along with me and I look up at Luke.

“What do you think Lucas?” I ask teasingly, using my nickname for him that he hates.

“I could think of no better way to end my Christmas.” He grins from ear to ear, hugging me tighter. “And I think this will be the perfect way to get your mind off of things for a little while.” I nod in agreement. 

“Then it’s all settled?” Calum asks, and Luke nods. “Let’s call management back then.” Luke grabs his phone from the coffee table where he set it, takes a deep breath, and dials the number before putting on speaker phone.

“Luke, I was hoping you’d call back quickly.” I hear a deep voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yeah, listen so, my girlfriend is going through a really hard time with loosing her dad right now and I’ve decided that I can’t leave her to go on tour.” He runs his fingers over the veins in my wrist with the hand he ins’t holding the phone in. 

“Luke you’re-” 

“Just listen please.” Luke’s voice is very business like, and it kind of turns me on despite the sadness running through my body. I haven’t really heard him in his work environment before. “The guys and I have agreed that we will come play a show in Australia, but we will not be doing the rest of the tour.” 

“Luke, Luke this is a huge mistake, think of how much of your fan base and money you’re giving up by turning this opportunity down!” The man sounds almost desperate to change Luke’s mind.

“Neither of those things mean as much to me as my girlfriend.” He replies squeezing my hand, and my heart skips a beat. “If that’s not enough for you then we don’t even have to come to Australia.”

“Ugh, you boys are so stubborn… Are you sure all four of you are on board with this?” 

“Yes!” All four of them exclaim in unison, each of them sounding a little ticked off.

“Okay fine, fine. I’ll see you here in Australia tomorrow at 2:00PM. Don’t be late, your flight leaves tonight at 8:30.” With that he hangs up.

Luke looks at all of us before speaking, “well then, lets get ready.” 


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~ “Out of all the bad Christmases in history of bad Christmases, this is definitely the worst.” ~

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