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9. ~ Chapter Seven ~

~ Chapter Seven ~


I looked back to my front door, my suitcase dragging behind me making long straight tracks in the snow which covers everything in sight. It’s weird to think that these piles of snow and Minnesota cold will soon be replaced with the sights and warmth of Sydney, Australia. Against all the sadness and hurt inside of me right now, I’m sort of excited to finally see Luke’s hometown. He’s lived here in my place of birth for a while now, so it seems time for me to be in his for at least a few days.

“Hey, Fay, the limo is here.” I feel Luke’s hand on my shoulder as I pull my eyes away from the door. “You ready?”

“Of course.” I smile, a sliver of happiness finding it’s way into my heart. I take one last glance back at the house my house, and grin at my three girl-friends standing in my driveway. They all run up to me and embrace me in a large group hug.

“We’ll miss you!” All three of them shout into my shoulder.

“Try not to think about everything thats been happening in Minnesota while you’re gone, alright?” Alisha asks me.

“I’ll try, but you know I’m still going to have to help plan the funeral, right?” I sigh, the happiness that had recently found me fading away.

“You’re sure you can help make funeral plans from a different country?” Luke asks, interlacing his hand with mine and grabbing my suitcase.

“Well I don’t see any other choice.” I reply blandly, wanting the subject to change.

“Just try to have fun still.” Alisha hugs me one last time and waves to the rest of the guys in the limo. “Call me Cal!” He smiles back at her and blows a kiss, as do the rest of the guys to their girlfriends. 

“Oh gosh, we got to get going or we’re gonna miss our flight!” Luke shouts excitedly, letting go of my hand and running over to the limo to throw our bags in. I sigh in admiration at Luke, the way he is so giddy about things, just like a little girl. 

“I’m really gonna miss you guys this week!” I pull my friends into one more big hug, and let out a little sob. 

“Hey don’t cry, you’ll be back soon.” Danielle reassures me and I nod, wiping the stray tears away.

“And we’ll be here watching the performance live! It’ll be like we’re there with you!” Hayley smiles widely to provide comfort.

“Thanks guys, you’re the best friends anyone could ask for.” 

“Faith hurry up! We can’t be late for this flight!” Luke calls from an open car door, motioning me towards him, still holding a huge smile on his face.

“Oh don’t get your panties in a bunch, I’m coming.” I laugh and shake my head, making my way towards the limo.

"Don't forget to feed Scout!" I call to my friends as I climb into the stretch next to Luke. Sitting down, I wave one more time to my girls, as the limo driver begins to drive.




“Luke you know I’ve never been on an airplane before so stop making fun of me!” I punch him in the shoulder, a little harder than I meant to, and stick my tongue out. We have just walked onto our plane, and my nerves are starting to settle in. 

“Hey dude don’t hurt my strumming arm!” He jokes, then rubs my shoulder comfortingly in reassurance. “You’ll be fine I promise.” I look down at my hands, which are shaking along with my legs. Out of all the seventeen years I’ve been on this planet I’ve never ridden an airplane before, it’s always kind of terrified me. And now after what just happened to my dad, flying scares me more than ever before. 

“Luke what if something happens and-?” 

“Faith, I swear on my life nothing will happen to you. I won’t let anything hurt you, ever.” He grabs my bag and puts it above the seats, before sitting down. I feel a few tears come to my eyes as a result of his sentence, and I realize again that he really is all I have left. I grab his hand and our fingers intertwine, his warm hands heating up my cold ones. 

My nerves just keep rising as a female flight attendant begins to speak at the front of the plane. She gives a long spiel about everything we need to know, including showing us where the life jackets and oxygen masks are located.

I squeeze his hand hard, and he responds by leaning in close to whisper in my ear.

“Don’t worry, I told you, nothing will happen. It’s just precaution.” I nod quickly, but my heart is still pumping rapidly. 

“Everyone please fasten your seat belts, we are about to take off.” The flight attendant announces before disappearing to the front of the plane, and making me even more stressed out.

Then I feel a jerk in the plane, and we start moving, slowly but surely. And then faster, and faster, and faster, until we are starting to leave the ground.

“Luke.” I say his name uneasily, feeling like I want to puke. “Luke,” I say it again, and squeeze his hand even tighter. “Luke, Luke!” I reiterate his name, and pull my knees up to my chest. “Luke!”

“Shhh,” He puts a finger to my lips to silence me for a moment. Just as I open my mouth to formulate a real sentence, he moves his finger and presses his lips to mine forcefully. At that instance, all the worry that had building up inside of me disperses into the air and evaporates. His soft lips against mine are all I can think about and before I know it, I feel a tap on my shoulder. 

“Hey guys,” Ashton’s voice comes from behind me. “Sorry to interrupt your little make-out sesh, but we’re flying.” I pull myself away from Luke excitedly, and lean across him to look out the window.

“Oh my God, Oh my God, Luke look!” He laughs as I sit back down into my seat. 

“I know, I’ve flown before babe.” He laughs and gives me one last peck on the lips. “You feeling better now?” 

“One hundred times better.” I smile, and realize how good this short trip is going to be for me. 


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"I won’t let anything hurt you, ever."

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