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3. ~ Chapter One ~


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~ Chapter One ~


“Guy’s I need to do something to get my mind off things. I can’t just sit here and wait.” I was laying on the couch next to the Christmas tree along with Luke and on the floor Calum, Michael, and Ashton. Next to them, farthest from me, sat their girlfriends and my best friends, Alisha, Hayley, and Danielle. 

“We could tell stories?” Alisha suggests.

“Anything is better than this silence.” I moan, causing Luke to wrap a comforting arm around me.

“How about a story about the day I met my beautiful Faith?” He suggests.

“Yes!” Hayley cries out excitedly. Danielle looks at her like she’s crazy while I give her a forced smile. 

“What?” Hayley asks Danielle. “I just love this story.” 

I don’t think our story is to spectacular to be honest, but I will listen to anything to get my mind off of my father. 

“Oh, gosh lets see,” Luke begins and I cuddle closer to him. “So it was a few years ago, 3 right?” I nod my head, and he begins playing with my hair. “Yes, and I was sixteen years old, Faith was fifteen I believe.” I nod again.

“So anyway, it was one of the One Direction concerts on the Take Me Home tour.”

“God, that was so long ago!” Calum interrupts and the rest of the band nods in agreement. 

“Wow, we sucked back then.” Ashton laughs.

“Don’t say that Ashie!” Danielle playfully punches him in the shoulder. “You guys have always been amazing.” 

“Guysssss.” Hayley moans impatiently. “Stop running your mouths and listen to the story!”

“So where was I?” Luke starts up again. “The Take Me Home Tour, our show on Christmas Eve. It was after we had finished our last song, and One Direction was just about to come on. I remember walking off that stage feeling a new wave of energy just hit me. All I wanted to do was go party somewhere but the guys weren’t having it, so I went by myself. One of the One Direction guys gave me directions to their after party venue, and I thought I could remember them all without writing it down. I was wrong. 

“After quite a few wrong turns, I ended up by a tiny mall in a small town I had never even heard of. There were Christmas lights strung up sloppily on almost every tree you could see, and I could hear a Christmas song off in the distance.”

I remember seeing Luke jump out of his car and look around, clearly confused. I was on the sidewalk nearest the mall, trying to find the address my dad was picking me up from. Luke slowly turned in circles, taking in the scene. I watched him from the sidewalk, quietly singing “Let it Snow” to myself. As I hit a higher note in the song, his head turned towards me, and I immediately stopped singing. 

“All of a sudden the music I could hear stopped, and my gaze shifted to a head of long blonde locks and green eyes.” Luke continues. “She was, well is, beautiful. I saw her standing on the sidewalk and decided to make my way towards her.”

As he had walked toward me, my heart skipped a few beats. He was attractive, and I guess that intimidated me. Guys didn’t really talk to me, so having him walk my way was incredible. 

I didn’t exactly realize who he was until he was right in front of me. Of course I had heard of 5 Seconds of Summer, and though I didn't know of them all that well, they were all anyone was talking about lately. But never had I thought I would be standing face to face in an empty parking lot with the bands heartthrob.

I remember stuttering some words along the lines of; “Um… are, are you-?”

“Luke Hemmings?” He finished my sentence for me.

“I’ve heard of your band.” My awkwardness was probably radiating off of me like an oven. “Did you just play a show?”

“Yeah.” He had slowly pulled a grin onto his face.

Luke begins talking again after taking a sip of my hot chocolate, which was probably cold by now since I hadn’t even touched since him and the rest of our friends came. “I just smiled at her, just smiled without speaking a word. There was something about her, something that made me want to get to know her. She asked me why I was smiling and I said; ‘You’re beautiful’. Maybe it was the way that she was holding her posture with confidence, or that she wasn’t some fangirl that was all over me. For some reason I liked when people didn’t treat me like some god. She looked upon me as an equal and I hadn’t felt like that in a long time. There was that thing she had, that just made me curious about her.

“After a long silence of us staring at each other, we both began to talk at the same time. She asked if I knew where the towns market was, while I asked if she knew where the address of the party I was trying to get to. She laughed as she inquired, ‘Are we both lost?’. I remember nodding my head, trying to not to look like a fool."

When Luke and I met there was just a connection that couldn’t be ignored. I had kept replaying his image in my mind after we parted ways that night, wondering if I’d ever see him again. I didn’t call the number he’d given me for a week, too afraid that he would forget who I was or that it was a fake number. But I was worried for nothing. One day I gathered up the guts to call, and I guess our relationship just bloomed from there. We hung out for quite a few weeks before he asked me to be his girlfriend, which was on stage of a sold out concert in Miami I might add.

“That must have been magical!” Hayley sighs in awe.

“More magical than what you said to me?” Michael laughs.

“What did she say to you?” Luke questions, not knowing the story.

“Well, it was before I really knew about 5 Seconds of Summer.” Hayley smiles. "I saw Mikey walking on the other side of the shopping mall, and my friends said they’d give me 5 dollars if I went up and told him he was cute. So me being me, I did.”

“And…?” Luke leans forward onto his elbows, obviously intriqued.

“I marched right up to him and said, ‘You sir, you are extremely attractive and I like your face a lot’.”

Luke stares at her, bewilderment painted across his face, before bursting out into laughter which everyone else joins in except for me. I got lost in Luke’s story about me for a few minutes, but my dad is all I can think about now. It’s Christmas Eve, and he’s supposed to be home tonight. If he doesn’t come home then I… I don’t even know what I’ll do.

“Faith, babe, what’s wrong?” Luke turns back to me once realizing my absence of laughter, concern in his eyes. “Your dad?"

“I just can’t stop thinking about him Luke.” I bite my lip, trying to hold back tears. “What if he doesn’t come home tonight? What if-?”

“Fay,” He cups my face in his hands and gives me a pained smile, “don’t do that. Don’t think about the what ifs’. What did I tell you earlier this morning?”

“To have Faith?”

“I believe you were named that for a reason hun.” He places a short kiss on my lips before turning back to our friends. Just as he’s about to speak, Danielle cuts in.

“Why are y’all so cute?!” She moans jealously.

“Oh come on Dani, you and Ashton are cute together too.” Alisha interjects. “Plus you met each other through music, so that makes it perfect."

“I don’t know how you can call singing for tips perfect… And what about you and Calum?” Danielle adds, shaking her head. “Didn’t you meet him when 5 Seconds of Summer came together? That’s kind of through music.”

“Yeah,” Alisha grins, looking at Calum. “Michael and I have been best friends since as long as I can remember, and when the band came together I met Cal. He was a sweetheart from the beginning. He even-“

Alisha had continued talking, but I had completely zoned out. I was still thinking about my father. He could be dead, I may never see him again. And what about Scout, our German Shepherd that my dad took with him on this “trip”? If my dad doesn’t come home what will happen to him? I could loose not only my father but my puppy too, the only family I have left. I can’t lose them. I already lost my mother, I can’t lose my dad too. I can’t. I, I can’t! 

Suddenly, my head begins to spin in a million different directions, and I feel my vision start to blur. I grip tightly onto Luke’s arm, trying not to freak out. My breathing gets quicker, and I see black dots in the distance. I can hear slight murmurs in the back of my head, but almost everything is faded out. The only thing I can hear is Luke’s voice, asking me if I’m okay.

“I’m not crying, I'm not crying.” I spit out, having no idea what’s happening. My mind has almost completely shut down. 

“Faith, Faith what i-?” Luke is talking to me but I can’t interpret what he’s saying. Everything around me is fuzzy and I can’t hear anything anymore. There’s a black curtain around me that’s slowly being closed. More and more until everything stops spinning, stops blurring, stops buzzing, and goes completely still.


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"Luke, what if he doesn't come home?"

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