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11. ~ Chapter Nine ~

~ Chapter Nine ~


“I look forward to seeing you boys tomorrow night at Stadium Australia.” 

I slowly open the hotel front doors and wander back inside, my eyes glued to the floor. The meeting between the boys and their managers is finishing up, and I skulk over to the couch on the other end of the lobby. Plopping down onto the soft surface, I let out a quiet sigh. All I want right now is a warm cup of hot chocolate, even though it’s warm outside. The warm milky liquid always seems to calm me down. I curl my legs up to my chest and lean into the side of the couch, trying to slow my racing mind.

Suddenly I feel the other side of the couch sink down. My muscles tense up for a moment as I gradually peel my eyes from the floor and up to the stranger who has now joined me in the corner of the lobby.

“Wh- who are you?” I blurt out, not bothering to introduce myself like a nice person would. I’m in a bad mood and I don’t feel like being nice to this whoever this chick is.

“I’m Ava Hutchins, number one 5 Seconds of Summer fan and Luke Hemmings' future wife.” She gives me a large giddy smile and sticks out her hand. I don’t return her smile, in fact I can feel anger growing on my face, and I most definitely do not shake her hand.

“Excuse me?” I reply in a snotty tone, not trying to hide my temper. She hasn’t even been sitting here for a minute and I already want to rip out her bleach blonde hair, which is clearly extensions, and sink my nails into her fake tan skin. The bright green eyes in her head look at me with confusion and squint my eyes in displeasure. I look her up and down and cringe. Her outfit is practically begging for me to punch her. She’s wearing a see through white crop top and jean shorts that are practically going up her butt. 

“Um, what?” She tilts her head. “Who, who are you exactly?” 

“I’m Faith and I’d really appreciate it if you would sit somewhere else, this spot isn’t open for slutty bitches.” I flip my hair over my shoulder to prove a point and motion for her to leave.

“I’m sorry?” Her previously confused expression mixes with a look of concern.

“Look you seem like you have potential to be a decent person.” Lie. “And maybe you’d be fun to talk to.” Lie. “But I really hate fan girls and I’d appreciate it if you left.” Truth. “Look Ava, I’m sorry but I just can’t deal with people like you right now.” I try to explain myself to her.

“So you aren’t a 5 Seconds of Summer fan? Because the way you’re looking at my baby Lucas doesn’t say so.” Her baby Lucas? What in the world???

“Okay look at me closely Ava, he is not you’re baby Lucas or whatever you called him. You don’t even know him! How can you just think that you’re going to get married to him or something! First off he has a girlfriend,” I want to yell that I’m his girlfriend at her, but I figure that will make matters worse. “And second off, you are sooooo not his type so why don’t you get off your butt and get away from me!” I yell that last part a little bit louder than I meant too, and I see everyone in the lobby turn and look at me.

Suddenly, I feel a familiar firm grip on my shoulder and close my eyes, letting out a deep breath.

“Babe,” he starts, sitting down on the arm of the couch. “What’s going on over here?” I look up at him, and Luke cocks his head to the side. I gesture with my head towards Ava, who is gaping at him, and he nods in understanding. Luke grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers.

“Um, hey.” He says to Ava, and I swear she’s going to faint or something. 

“L- Lu- Luke! Oh oh my God this is the best day of my life!” She cries out and jumps to her feet, running towards Luke and engulfing him in a hug. He hugs her back with the hand that isn’t in mine, but it does’t matter. I pull my hand away anyway. I know he can’t just ignore the fans, but this is only making me feel like he would leave me even more. I can’t look at him hugging a girl that isn’t me, it hurts to much, even though I know she’s only a fan.

I get up and begin to walk to the front doors, I need fresh air again, I need some distance.

“Faith! Faith stop!” I hear Luke’s voice and large footsteps behind me but I keep walking. “Faith baby, don’t leave. This vacation is supposed to take your mind off of all the bad stuff. Don’t walk away.” He sighs, and then his next words come out in a whisper as more of a plea than anything. “Please.” I then stop in my tracks, directly in front of the doors, but don’t turn around. “Faith you know she’s nothing more than a fan to me. Look, I know you hate these girls, but I can’t avoid them.” I shake my head and slowly turn around, a few tears streaming down my face.

“Faith, Faith babe don’t cry.” He comes closer to me and puts his arms around my waist. “There’s something more than just the fans isn’t there?” I look up at him and shake my head. 

“No, I’m just over emotional.” I lie. I’m not going to ruin the trip to his hometown by making everything about me. He doesn’t need to know why I’m really upset.

“You sure? I can tell when something’s wrong Fay.” 

“I’m positive. That girl just got under my skin.” I plaster a forced smile on my face. “Telling me how she’s your future wife and crap.” I force a little chuckle and try to act happy, and I guess Luke buys it. He leans in towards me and kisses me softly.

“I’d never marry anyone other than you.” He whispers against my lips. At his words my insides become a circus, flipping and twisting in a thousand different directions. Did he just imply that he wants to marry me? I mean of course that’s what I want with him and I know that the promise ring sort of implies that as well but… The thought makes everything inside of me jump and I don’t know what to think. So I don’t, I just kiss Luke in the middle of that hotel lobby and forget about the rest of the world. I forget that I just lost my dad, I forget that I might not have a home anymore, I forget that I’m scared Luke will leave me, and I just kiss him.

“Um, I’m so sorry Faith.” I hear a girls voice from behind Luke and see Ava making her way to the door, before quickly running out of the hotel. I look up at Luke, and we both laugh.

“Hey, we should get going.” Luke smiles at me and looks at the clock above our heads. “We’ve got a show to get prepared for, and I have yet to introduce you to my parents.” At that sentence my whole body tenses up.

And suddenly everything that I had just forgotten comes rushing back into my mind.


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~ “I’d never marry anyone other than you.” ~

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