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6. ~ Chapter Four ~

~ Chapter Four ~


I woke up the next day in Luke’s arms, his heavy breathing in my ear. At first upon my waking, all I wanted to do was fall back asleep, let the drug like thing we call sleep pull me back under. And then I remembered what day it was. My eyes snapped back open and my heart began to race. I turned my head towards Luke kissed him on the forehead, careful not to wake him up. I quietly slid out of the covers and slipped into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I see that my hair is still completely straightened from yesterday, and the little bit of mascara I had on still looked fresh. I quickly brush my teeth and wash my face before heading back to my room. Walking in the door, I notice that Luke is in the same position I left him in, sleeping like a rock. I climb back onto the bed and position myself so that I’m sitting on top of him. 

I lean forward and place a short, soft kiss on his peaceful looking lips before whispering in his ear. “Luke.” His eyes gradually flutter halfway open, and when he see’s me he grins.

“Hey beautiful.” He sits up a little and leans in closer to me. 

“He’s coming home today.” I murmur blissfully against his lips.

“I know.” And then he kisses me again... And again, and again. “Merry Christmas.” His breath is warm against my skin and I let out a quiet sigh upon feeling it.

“Merry Christmas.” I repeat as Luke pulls away. He runs a hand through his hair as I squirm back off the bed.

“How would you like it if we go upstairs and I make you a special Christmas breakfast?” He asks, getting up and hugging me from behind.

“I think I’d like that very much.” I giggle in response.




Everything was going perfectly by the time the rest of the band and the girls showed up. The snow was falling lightly outside and the wind had died down significantly from last night. There was even a strand of mistletoe hanging above the stairwell that Luke helped me hang earlier. I looked over towards it, and saw Hayley standing on the second step, her lips planted on Michael’s on the step below her. I smile upon the sight and take a sip of my hot cocoa. 

“We don’t need mistletoe for that.” Luke comes up behind me, and kisses me softly. I blindly set my mug on the table behind me as his lips are against mine.

“Someones feeling quite loving today.” I tease him.

“Well, it’s a very special Christmas for a very special girl.” He smiles and then pulls out a neatly wrapped present from his pocket.

“What’s this?” I inquire, taking the present from him and holding it in my hands.

“It’s just a little something I got you for Christmas, and since yesterday was the anniversary of the day we met… Just open it.” I look at the small present closely and begin to pull at the ribbon. Unwrapping the gift, I see a ring box. 

“Luke-“ He cuts me off with a look that says ‘just keep going’. I cautiously open the box, and am greeted with a large sparkle. “Luke.” I utter his name again. It. Is. Beautiful. Simple, but beautiful. The ring is silver, with a small diamond in the middle that I can tell is real. On the inside of the ring band, is an engraving which reads; “Forever.”

“Here, let me put it on for you.” He holds out his hand and I set the ring in it, spreading out my fingers. He slips it on and it fits perfectly. 

“Woah, what’s going on over here?” I hear Calum’s voice from behind me.

“Isn’t it a little young to be getting married?” Ashton interjects, a dorky smile plastered across his face.

“Don’t be an idiot Ashton, it’s a promise ring.” Luke shakes his head as I laugh, admiring the flawless sparkle on my finger.

“But that means that there will be a wedding one day, am I correct?” Ashton buds in again. Luke opens his mouth to reply, but then closes it and smiles at me. His perfect blue eyes meet mine, and he bites his lip. 

“Yeah.” He says, his eyes still locked with mine. My heart speeds up significantly at his response. We’ve never talked about anything as serious as marriage before, I’ve barely even thought about it by myself honestly. I mean sure, I imagine being with Luke for the rest of my life but… But neither of us have ever said anything about it out loud to each other.

“I call Best Man!” Michael yells out jogging towards us, hand in hand with Hayley. I give Luke a huge grin which he returns before we both burst out in laughter. 

Like I said, everything was going perfectly.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t. 


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~ "What am I going to do now Luke?" ~


Hey guys, just so no one is confused, this quote at the end is foreshadowing the future! 

Also, thank you guys so much for all the support you've given me on this story, it means a lot to me!!!!!

Lastly, sorry that this chapter is short but the next one wont be as short I promise! Thanks again! 

- Taylor <3

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