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10. ~ Chapter Eight ~

~ Chapter Eight ~


“Oh my gosh, this is Australia!?” I exclaim as the five of us walk out of the revolving airport doorway. It’s way different than I expected already. I was expecting something way different than Minnesota, something completely different than anything I’d ever seen before. In reality though, it looks just like any other place I’ve ever seen. The only thing that’s changed here from back home, is that there’s no snow on the ground!

"It’s so much… warmer here!” I exclaim excitedly, running a little farther ahead of the guys to take it all in. 

Luke chuckles a little before sighing, “I didn’t realize how much I really missed this place.” He looks around with a flash of longing in his eyes for the place he once lived. Upon seeing that in his face, I feel a tiny pain in my chest. Luke wouldn’t ever consider moving back here, would he? He wouldn’t drop everything, including me, and come back, right? I try to convince myself that he would never do such a thing, but that look in his eyes is powerful and I can’t help but think he would consider it.

“Yeah, I miss living in our little apartment together, making too much noise and getting complaints from all the neighbors.” Michael smirks mischievously as he reminiscences on the days they used to spend together, living in this country. The guys catch up with me as they’re talking, and we walk off towards a building which must be where we are meeting the bands management.

“Those were the days weren’t they.” Ashton adds in as Calum just nods in reply taking in his surroundings just like me. The only difference is that he’s taking them in as memory while I’ve never been here before. 

“Gosh, nothing compares to this place.” Luke exhales loudly, and I feel the pain again. Everything about him right now is telling me that he’d rather be here than in Minnesota any day. I try to pretend that nothing is wrong, even though I can not shake the feeling. As much as I try to put on a un-upset face, Ashton sees that something is wrong from in front of me. He mouths the words “You okay?," and I shake my head slightly. 

“Not now.” I mouth words back to him. I’m honestly not in the mood to let these feelings out quite yet, since I just acquired them. I think I need to keep them to my self a little while longer. I let out a quiet yet painful sigh as we continue on our trek towards the building. Apparently not quiet enough though, because Luke, who is now walking directly beside me, grabs my hand and squeezes it. It releases a little bit of my stress, knowing that’s always what he does to comfort me, but I’m still upset in my thoughts.

“Calum, why did you insist on walking??” Michael whines suddenly, breaking the silence throughout us. “Couldn’t we get a car or something?”

“Michael the hotel we’re meeting Justin and the other managers at is just a block away from the airport so calm down. Drama Queen.” He mumbles the last part and all the guys burst out laughing. I only chuckle slightly, I just can’t get these thoughts out of my head!

“Look we’re already here.” Ashton shakes his head still laughing, and opens the door to the hotel. 

Immediately as we enter the building, I’m hit by the insane sound of a large group of girls screaming at the top of their lungs. I quickly step out of the way, moving as far to the wall as I can as the girls run right at the guys. There’s only about twenty or so of them, but it sounds like a thousand. They’re all yelling different things at the guys, and some of them do not make me happy.

“Luke, will you go out with me please?! Please!” Is one of the girls constant plea.

“Lukey will you kiss me!?” Is another’s. I know that 5 Seconds Of Summer is a extremely popular band, and that they have built up a huge fan base, but I’ve never actually experienced a mob of fans before. I clutch my suitcase tightly in my hands as I try to take deep breaths. I want so badly to go over there and punch one of the girls in the face, but I know that wouldn’t go over too well. Another part of me wants to go over there and kiss Luke right in front of all of them to make them shut up. I don’t do either.

“Ladies, ladies,” A tall man with slicked back black hair, a black suit, and dark grey glasses comes up from behind the girls, and speaks loudly. The mob suddenly quiets down and to my surprise actually listens to the man. “We have some important business to attend to here, but you’ll be able to see the boys at their concert in a few days, now carry on please.” They look at each other for a moment, before filing out of the hotel, screaming things at the boys as they do so.

Luke looks over and see’s me practically in fright against the wall. He sends me a questioning glance, and then begins to make his way towards me. But before he can get anywhere, the man, who must be one of their managers, grabs Luke’s arm and has him sit down. He doesn’t even turn back around and say sorry to me. 

I shake my head and walk out the main building doors, heading to the end of the sidewalk and staring at the traffic passing me by. I’m already sick of being in this country, I shouldn’t have even come. At first it seemed like it was going to be great, but it’s already turned into a mess and it hasn’t even been and hour!

“Hey you okay Faith?” I suddenly hear a voice behind me, causing me to jump. I turn around to see Ashton walking towards me. Shouldn’t he be in the hotel lobby, talking to their managers about this concert they’re going to play? I don’t mind though, I mean, at least he noticed something was wrong and came to talk to me.

“Yeah I just…” I trail off, not sure if I should tell Ashton what I’m feeling or not.

“You can tell me Faith, I won’t tell Luke. If he’s what this is about at least, which I’m sensing it is.” He gives me a small smile and squeezes my shoulder. How is Ashton so good with feelings? How can he tell that the reason I’m feeling down has to do with Luke? I feel like just because he can tell that that's why, that I need to tell him. 

“Well it’s, it’s just that,” I start, “It’s just that you guys are all remembering about how much you loved living here, you know?” I pause for confirmation, and Ashton nods so I continue. “When Luke said that he really missed this place, and that nothing compares to it… Well he just had this look on his face, a look that said he wished he could live here again. I guess I’m just kind of afraid that he’s going to want to stay here and that he’ll leave me behind.” I sigh, feeling a burning sensation in my nose, letting me know that tears are threatening to come. “And, and now that there are all these girls here, all over you guys… Well what if he just forgets about me? All these girls are drop dead gorgeous, they’re Australian for God sakes, of course they are! And it’d be so easy for him to just take one of them and live in Australia with her for the rest of his life!” I’m breaking into tears rapidly now, and I can’t stop them.

“Faith, oh Faith, Luke would never do that!” Ashton exclaims loudly, putting both hands on my shoulders so he’s directly facing me.

“But, but how do you know?” I mumble the question, still thinking it could happen.

“Faith listen to me, Luke loves you more than anything in his life. He barely ever stops talking about you or even thinking about you for that matter! Faith he loves you so so so much! There’s no doubt in my mind about that! He hasn’t been back home for two years, Calum, Michael, and I all came back once to visit our families twice since then! Faith he stayed home then for you and he’s just getting used to everything here again. But I promise that he’ll never ever leave you. Ever.” Ashton looks into my eyes with a look I don’t see from him too often, one of seriousness and absolute sureness. And just because of that, I know to believe him. 

“Just talk to him later tonight, I bet everything will be just like normal.” He smiles and gives me a short pat on the back, before disappearing into the hotel lobby again.


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"Luke wouldn’t ever consider moving back here... would he?"

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