Boy Who Cried Wolf

A girl traveling everywhere just to find her true love - She then moved to a mysterious place, thinking she would find a peaceful life here. - She loved writing novels about her life and she was moving here and there just to have a perfect life as a book. - One day she met Park Chanyeol, a sweet nice guy. But cold hearted. - Oh Sehun, a spoiled brat that only cared for himself. - She ended falling for both of them. But she finds out their secret behind their cold hearts.


1. Preview

"Why do I get the chills here." Nanen stated as she felt the chilly breezes. According to the people who lived here, it's a very peaceful place to live in. 

If you don't mess with them...

But there was a problem, Nanen doesn't know who them is. 

How will she know not to mess with them.

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