Boy Who Cried Wolf

A girl traveling everywhere just to find her true love - She then moved to a mysterious place, thinking she would find a peaceful life here. - She loved writing novels about her life and she was moving here and there just to have a perfect life as a book. - One day she met Park Chanyeol, a sweet nice guy. But cold hearted. - Oh Sehun, a spoiled brat that only cared for himself. - She ended falling for both of them. But she finds out their secret behind their cold hearts.


2. Chapter 1 - Moving

"Are you sure you want to move?"

Your mother asked you as you got your last suitcase in your small car. You sighed, once again, and turned to your mother. 

"Mom, I know you don't want me to move but you know I always wanted to become a traveler. Write books and show how much I am appreciated in a place, I was never actually appreciated here, anywhere! So, that's why I am moving away far, far, away from here." 

As your mother sighed and hugged you once again. You were 16 and your mother trusted you but was scared something might come out wrong. She sensed something but couldn't bring out what it was. 

"Nanen, you know you would always be welcomed to your house okay? Do you have everything? Nothing missing right?" 

As your mother wiped her tears and checked everything twice. You smiled and hugged your mother. 

"I'll miss you so much." 

As you turned your mother around and kissed her cheeks. Checking the time, it was time to drive off to an unknown place and explore. She nodded and hugged you tighter. 

"Don't forget to write and give us calls, okay?" 

You smiled again, and walked to your car and turned on the engine. You breathed in and out. Thinking if this was the right thing to do. You closed your eyes and drove off as your mother waved toward your direction.

"I know your life would be even more interesting over there. You'll experience your first love and heart ache there." 

Your mother said as she saw your car ride off the small dirt road and walked back into her house. She closed the doors and closed her eyes as she leaned on the door. 

"But sadly you aren't gonna be able to communicate with me anymore. I had to let you go." 

As more tears came out of her eyes. She had to let you go for a reason. A very important reason which she couldn't tell you. 


You arrived at the small town as very little amount of people walked around. You looked at a small alley which you could park your car and leave it there. You payed the fee and grabbed your two suitcases with small furniture and things for your room. 

You looked at the place you were staying. It was two-stories, but it was closed with other houses surrounding it. The warm colors from the trees welcomed the house even more. You smiled as you walked and opened it. 

The windows were brightly being lighten up by the sunrise. You have arrived after two days of searching for the town. It was usually not known that well but it has caught your attention. 

You placed down your suitcases as you walked around and saw that the place already had furniture. You touched it and it felt a little dusty. You totally had to clean this place up. 

You brought in the other things from your car back into house as people walked into the streets with the same uniform. You tied your hair in a messy bun as you rolled up your checkered black shirt up and dusted off your black jeans. You put on your black and gray converses and went to close your car. 

Maybe that's the same school I'm going to? You thought as the boys whistled at you and girls looked at you on awe. You rolled your eyes as you looked at the final box and picked it up. You turned around and bumped into two tall figures. 

The box fell on the floor as you looked up and saw two handsome guys. The wind blew and your hair band sprang off your hair. Your hair flowed with the blow of air. As you quickly got another hair band and tied your hair. 

"Sorry about that. Didn't see you guys there." You bowed as you picked up the box and walked up the stairs into your house. You felt their stare on your back view. 

You closed the door as you placed the box where it belongs. You checked that everything was in place. 

"Now, I need to go to the market and buy some cleaning supplies and food. Maybe I have money left and buy some accessories."

You clapped your hands as you move the boxes out the way and grabbed your keys, phone, and bag as you walked out and tried to find your way toward a nearby market. 

"Excuse me? Miss, are you looking for something?" 

You turned around a faced a tall girl, with short hair that was colored red, pale skin and the same uniform you have seen for the past 30 minutes. You nodded, noticing that you have been staring a little too longer. 

"Yea, I'm actually looking for a nearby market?" 

You questioned her as she nodded and pointed to a small house-looking place. You looked back at her while she smiled at you. 

"That's it! Even if it looks tiny it has anything you could fine." 

You smiled at her. 

"Thank you so much." 

She nodded as she was about to walk away but stopped and turned around to face you again. 

"May I know what's your name? My name is Choi Jinri but you can call me Sulli." 

You smiled and tried to memorize her name. 

"My name is Lee Nanen. Nice to meet you Sulli! Thank you again for your help."

Sulli nodded and waved at you as she walked away hurriedly. 

'Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea to move here afterwards.' 

You thought as you walked toward the small market, not knowing the same two pairs of eyes were watching you, every move, you do.


"Soap, dishes, hand-soap, broom, dustpan, utensils, etc." 

You repeatedly said what you have brought at the market. You walked in your house and locked it. The old lady at the market was very nice and showed you everywhere in the market and even gave you a small map from the town. 

You smiled as now it was noon. You took off your shirt, which now you were left with your black undershirt. You started by cleaning the windows, collecting all the dust from ceilings and corners, sweeping, putting each furniture in each place. 

You finished with all the first floor. You had cleaned the living room, a bathroom, a small office and a room with a mirror wall, wooden floor and other musical instruments in a small closet-like-room. 

"How about we stop for now and each some lunch." 

You still haven't found a kitchen. You started to worry that there wasn't a kitchen at all. Especially, where will you sleep? You didn't fine a room. 

You went upstairs and opened a door. Their was a bed, with 2 big windows that faced the backyard and front yard. It was a very beautiful view to see. 

There was a closet, a bathroom, a flat screen television on the wall, and a desk in-front of the backyard window. 

You smiled at the scenery in-front of your eyes. It was more beautiful than your room back where you lived at. You rushed down the stairs to bring up the cleaning supplies as you changed everything.

Deciding to change the walls and the bed covers only. Cleaning off the dirtiness, then it'll become into a more cleaner place. 

You laid on your bed as you rested your head on the soft pillow. You closed your eyes and smelled in the fresh air. You decided to open the windows to let in some air. 

You found out that their was the kitchen and a dining room upstairs. You found that really cool cause you have never met a house that had a kitchen upstairs. 

You fell on the floor breathing in and out. Trying to catch your lost breath, you were exhausted. It was almost 6 pm and you were done cleaning the whole house. 

It started to become even more chilly so you closed the windows. You took a shower and changed into your pjs. You looked out the window and looked at the night lights. 

You smiled at the setting as your eyelids felt heavy. You laid down in your bed as you had to get ready to school tomorrow. You first day, and had to be a new kid. You fell asleep.

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