Pushing the Limits

16-year-old Shailene Carter would rather ditch class than be the perfect angel her parents want her to be. To them, she's merely a pawn to maintain their image. When she looses her phone, Shailene has to turn toward Dylan Cooper. Her life changes immensely as Dylan challenges her and pushes her to do things she never imagined doing. Plus, dealing with her ex proves to be more difficult than she’d hoped. She no longer hides behind her fear, but finds herself rebelling against her parents' rule.


1. Chapter One

“Okay, mom. I’m leaving now!” I yelled, coming down the stairs. Grabbing my keys from the counter, I adjusted my bag before heading out the front door. 

“Don’t miss your singing lesson tomorrow!” My mother instructed. I rolled my eyes, slamming the door behind me. She always made sure I never missed a single lesson. If I were sick, she still would’ve forced me to go. I don’t why and to be honest, I don’t care. I just can’t wait till I turn eighteen and then I can stop taking these stupid lessons. I got in my car and made my way to the other side of the neighborhood. I arrived at Danielle’s house a few minutes later and walked inside. I never bothered knocking if she knew I was coming over.

“Hey, Shae.” She smiled. A tub of ice cream was on her lap as she watched a movie on the couch.

“Did you save me some?” I laughed, sitting next to her. Smirking, she handed me a spoon and moved the ice cream in the middle. Taking a spoonful, I realized that she was eating my favorite – Cookies N Cream.

“Yum,” I moaned. “I haven’t had ice cream in forever!” 

“Is your mom still insisting on that lame ass diet?” She giggled. Dani and I have been friends long enough to know that my mom is obsessed with eating healthy. Unfortunately, that means no junk food for me.

“Yup. The last time I had a Kit Kat was two months ago. I seriously can’t survive without chocolate!” I exclaimed.

“Really? I have a secret stash I can give you.” She offered.

“For real? This better not be a joke,” I warned. Danielle knew how serious I was when it came to junk food and candy.

“It’s not. I’ll be right back.” She said, standing up. She went into the kitchen and came back out a minute later with a bag. Tossing it to me, she plopped back on the couch and continued eating her ice cream. I looked inside the bag and literally melted. She had everything from M&M’s to Gummy Worms. Basically, every piece of chocolate or candy I've ever loved.

“Did I miss anything?” She wondered.

“Nope. This is everything! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” I smiled. I pulled out a Milky Way and munched on it quietly as Danielle turned on Divergent. 

A few hours later, we had watched three movies in a row and had finished eating the tub of ice cream.

“Hey, we should go to Dylan’s party tonight.” Danielle suggested. 

“Sure. Why not?” I shrugged. I might hate Dylan, but I would never turn down a party.

“Really? I thought you hated Dylan?” She asked. 

“I do, but I love parties,” I smiled. “Let's go get an outfit for the both of us.” We went upstairs and down the hall to Dani’s room while I looked for something to wear. After raiding her closet, I finally found the perfect outfits. We changed into our clothes and did each other’s hair and makeup. 


Dani and I heard the party before we saw it. There were cars parked on both sides of the street. I was surprised no one filed a noise complaint. Some people were sitting in the front yard talking while people were swimming and having fun in the back or dancing inside. 

“Whoa,” We breathed in unison. Dani parked her car as close to Dylan’s house as she could without hitting anyone’s car – not that it would actually happen. We grabbed our purses and made our way inside Dylan’s house. Well, it wasn’t even a house – it was a freaking mansion! The smell of alcohol hit me like a ton of bricks as I tried to maneuver through the crowd of sweaty people. I didn’t know where I was going, but I knew it wasn’t with these people. Danielle was hot on my tail, following me into the kitchen. 

“What are you two beautiful ladies doing in here alone? Shouldn’t you be out on the floor dancing?” A familiar male voice asked.

“David!” I smiled, turning around. I ran toward him and jumped into his arms. He spun me around, laughing, before setting me down.

“I missed you, kiddo.” He grinned, ruffling my hair. 

“I missed you more, but don’t touch my hair or I’ll kill you.” I warned, a slight smile on my face. David, my brother, went off to college a few years ago before my sophomore year of high school began.

“Ooh, I’m so scared.” He laughed. I rolled my eyes at his stupidity, lightly hitting his shoulder.

“Hey, David.” Danielle smiled, walking over to give my brother a hug.

“Hey, Dani. Long time no see,” He greeted. “Have you been keeping an eye on my sister?”

“Yeah, but your mom’s got her on a tighter leash.” She laughed.

“Damn. She’s still acting uptight?” He asked, turning his attention to me. Sensing that we needed some alone time, Dani slipped out of the kitchen and went to go dance. 

“Yup. You know how she is. She says I have to ‘maintain the family image’.” I sighed.

“I knew it was bad when I left, but if she’s become stricter, then…” He trailed off.

“I know, I know. I just have a few more months until graduation and then I can finally move out.” I sat down in chair, setting my purse down on the table.

“You know, you could always move in with me.” He offered.

“But, you’re in college. Oh, when did you get back?” I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“I got home last week and I’m not living in Cali anymore. Ever since I received your last email, I decided I needed to move back home, ya know. I needed to be closer to you, so I decided to enroll in MSU.” 

“Aww. Does Mom know that you’re back?” I asked. Growing up, David was my best friend and without him, I don’t know how I’d survive.

“Umm…” I took that as a no. I sighed, dragging my brother with me to find Danielle. It was time to tell Mom her son had returned.

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