The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


4. Making new friends

Liam's pov: I had over heard the gays plan to steal the new kid. I couldn't help but laugh at how sad it was that they thought they could beat me at my own game.  I was 100% sure he would want to be with the new kids and not the freaks. I looked up noticing that every one was really quite. I looked up and saw a really scared kid that looked confused. The new kid is early perfect. Time for me to turn on the charms.

Niall's pov:

I was standing in the middle of the lunch room with a bunch of eyes staring at me. I new right away that theirs people would be my new school mates and even my class mates. I swoled had as I tried to figure out  who I wanted to go and talk to. When  I noticed that I didn't  have to because some one was all ready walking my way.

"Hi I'm Liam I run this must be....."

"Niall my names Niall nice to meet you Liam."

I smiled at Liam as he led me towards his table. I stopped when I saw a group of boys siting close to each other and whispering. At first I thought great they must think I'm stupid. But then I heard some one at that table say,

"Great their is our only chance of making a new friend!"

I took a good look at them and judging by how they dressed and talked I could tell they were gay. This made me very happy and said. I was happy because I wasn't alone. Then  I was sad because I probably just blew my chances of being friends with them but maybe their was still a chance for me just maybe.... Just then Liam stopped walking and turned to face me.

"Hey Niall why did you stop walking?"

"I did sorry."

I hadn't even realized that I had stopped walking. I saw Liam shrug as he started to walk again as if nothing had happened. Only instead of following him to his table I went to their table. I took a deep breath as I got closer to their table. "Lets just hope that you haven't blown your chance with them just yet Niall."  As I was walking towards their table Liam turned around again.

"Hey Niall what are you doing? That's the Gay's table you don't want to sit with them. Come and be with the cool kids."

I stood their with a surprised look on my face. Did he really just call them Gays? I got really mad now it was like a new me took over me. I wanted to scream at him and do so much more to him!!!! Who does this Liam guy think he is!!!!


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