The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


6. Lunch Time

Louis's pov:

Did he just do what I think he did. I sat their scared and shocked that what had just happened well that it happened!!!! I can't believe my ears. He just told Liam the school bully off and for us too! I took a glance at the lads and saw that they were just as shocked about this as I was. Just then out of anger Liam lunged out at Niall when he wasn't looking. I knew I had to help him so I jumped in front of him and got punched so hard in the gut that it knocked the air right out of me. I saw Niall's eyes get big as he saw this happen. Niall got really mad now and started to beat Liam up like crazy.


I don't know what shocked me more that he was standing up for us again or that he called us his friends. Not that it was a bad thing it was just that it was well surprising  is all. I watched in horror as they through punch at after punch at each other until finally Niall's body just fell limp on the ground. After words Liam spit on him and walked away.

"Your to weak to be a cool kid any way!!!"

After Liam left I ran over to Niall's side.

"Niall!!!! Are you okay I'm so sorry to make you go through that!!!"

When I came rushing by his side I could see he was hurt really badly. He was covered from head to foot in bruises. Only instead of crying he was laughing. He cupped my face in his hands now so I was looking into his crystal blue eyes.

"Louis your eye! It's black and blue here I'll take you to the nurse!"

I could see the worry in his eyes which melted my hearted at the spot.

"Tell you what Niall seeing as your new here and all why don't I take you to the nurse. lol"

I laughed as his face turned red.

"You go a point their."

I saw Harry and Zayn running over to me and Niall to make sure that we were okay. I smiled at them causing them both to sigh with relief.

"Hey Zayn can you go and tell the principal about what happened well I take the Niall to the nurse to get a check up."

Zayn smiled and me and nodded then he was off to get the principal. Harry turned to me and said,

"What can I do to help Louis?"

I thought about this for a while and even thought I didn't need help and didn't want help getting Niall to the nurse cause I kind of wanted to be alone with him I told Harry this because I hated to see him sad.

"Harry do you think that you can help me get Niall to the nurse?"

I smiled as Harry's face light up with joy.

"Yea of course you can Louis I won't let you guys down."

Harry rushed over to us and helped me get Niall up on his feet. Then together we slowly made our way to the nurse leaving the now quite lunch room.


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