The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


16. How fast Time past

Louis's pov:

"This is it darling you can do it!!!" My mom cheered me on as I walked on the X-Factor stage to sing my song. I was so nervous.

*4 hours later after every one has gone*

I was waiting back stage now really nervous as they called out the winners when I didn't hear my name I was really upset as I started to cry on to my moms shirt. She held me rocking me softly and whispering words into my ear. Then it happened my name got called. "Can Niall Horan, Liam Payne,  Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlsion please come back to the stage!!!" I looked at my mom confused as she pushed me out on the stage with 4 other boys. I looked down the row and I could have sworn that I saw my old friends and NIALL!!! I wanted to run over to them and hug them all but I had to wait for now.

We stood in a line as we waited for Simon to speak. "We decided that you are all way to talented to let go so where going to put you in a band." I stood their shocked as the other lads all jumped around cried and hugged each other. I just didn't know what to say or think about it. When my feet finally started to work again I ran over and Hugged Harry and Zayn. "I can't believe we get to be a band together guys!!!" They looked at me confused until they remembered me. "Omg Louis its you!!!" They both screamed as they hugged. Liam walked over and smiled at me. "Hey Louis I'm sorry for being a jerk to you in high school." I smiled at Liam and hugged him. "I forgive you." he smiled and hugged me back.

I looked over at Niall who was talking to Harry now. I really wanted to talk to him but I was really scared. What if he remembered what happened in high school. What if he never forgave me. I sighed.

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