The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


15. He wont look at me anymore

Louis's pov:

Today was my last day at my old school with Harry, Zayn, and ....Niall. I sighed as I got ready for school my mom stopped by room to make sure I was okay. "What's wrong Honey?" My mom came in and sat down on my bed. I stopped getting ready and sat down as the tears started to spill out of my eyes. "Niall won't look at me any more and to be honest I don't blame him. I got mad at him and I said a lot of mean things to him so I could see why he would be mad at me. It's just I miss hearing him say that he loves me, seeing his blue eyes, hearing his laugh and his voice, I miss his touch and the way he moves...Mom I miss Niall!!!" I finally screamed at her crying even harder. My mom hugged me tight letting me cry on her.

"It's okay Lou let it all out." We sat their for a few minutes as I cried and mom just sat their holding me. When I was finally done crying Mom lifted my head up and wiped my tears away. "How do you feel now?" I smiled at her. "Better thanks mom." I got up and finished getting ready before going down to eat breakfast with the girls. I ate my food really fast and left he house just catching the bus in time. I sat In my normal spot and soon Zayn and Harry joined me. Then we reached Niall's street. I held my breath as I watched the kids board the bus. I waited a while to see if he was coming but he didn't show up. I looked around as the bus started to move again thinking maybe I missed him but he wasn't on the bus.

"Where's Niall?" I asked looking at Zayn and Harry who both shrugged at me. "Maybe he doesn't feel good..." Harry told me. I nodded my head agreeing. I knew that it couldn't be true thought because Niall had stopped going to school a lot, He barley showed up at class now. I sighed again and went on with my day. The day went by slow but it passed. The end of the day their was a bit going away party for me. I said good bye to every one and left the party early. I just wanted to get the day over with. I walked home and whispered to my self "Good bye Niall."

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