The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


2. First day of school


I was enjoying lunch with my best friends Harry and Zayn. When we heard some girls as they passed by.

Girl 1: Omg did you hear about the new kid?

Girl 2: Yea I heard he's cute

Girl 1: I bet he is

Girl 2: Did you know he's Irish?

Girl 1: Really where did you hear that from?

I stopped listing in after that instead I turned to the boys and said,

"Guys this could be our chance to get a new friend!"

Harry stopped me before I could go on.

"Louis even if we can beat Liam his girl friend and all their friends to him how do we know he'll even want to be our friends?"

Harry had a point their. I looked to Zayn for help and saw that he was agreeing with Harry. I found my self agreeing with him too.

"Well can at least say that we gave it a try Harry."

Is what I told Harry which shut him up right away. I turned to Zayn and said,

"Zayn can you get info on when he starts school and what classes hell have?"

Zayn looked at me and shook his head. You see Zayn can tell you anything about a person just from looking at them. It was a real talent that came in handy a lot. Zayn looked at me a smile on his face.

"I got it! He starts school today!!!"

Harry shivered and I laughed.

"That's really creepy how you do that mate."

Harry said as slid a bit closer to me. Me on the other hand well I thought it was really cool!





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