The new kid

Theirs a new kid at school and every one is just dying to get hands on him


10. Falling in love

Niall's pov

*3 weeks later*

It was my first day out of the hospital and this meant that I had to go to school today! On the other hand I got to see Louis, Harry, and Zayn today so it wasn't that bad really if you ask me. I was siting in the car with my mum again jus like on the first day of my new school. Only now this time I was no longer new.

"So how are you liking school Niall?"

She asked me.

"Did you make any new friends?"

I smiled at her and said,

"Yea, I did  mom I meat 3 rally nice boys and one really mean one. Also school a lot of fun so fare. I love all my teachers and my classes and every one is so nice to me (well not Liam and his crew)."

My mom smiled at me and said, !

"Well that's nice to hear."

Finally we were  at the school .I turned to  my mum gave her a hug and kiss then grabbed my back pack and threw my self out of the car. and started to run to school I couldn't wait to see my friends today. As for me and Louis we started dating and we went on a couple of dates here and their.  I guess you could say that me and Louis were in love and happy together.

The best part was that Liam and his jerk friends left us alone. His girl friend on the other hand still filtered with me. Like today. I was just  at my locker when  she came up t o me and said,

"Hey Niall! Your back Yay!"

Next thing  I knew she had her arms thrown around me.

"Hey amber funny running into you now"

I shut my locker and turned to around to see Louis standing their now with  a smile on his face.



We screamed at the same time as we ran into each others arms hugging one and another. I saw that his nose had healed and saw my wounds had healed too. I pulled away and gave him a weird look.

"Wait were are Harry and Zayn?"

With out a word he stepped aside and pointed down the hall. I ran past a bunch of people until I had tackled them to the ground. We stayed like that for what seemed like for ever just laughing.

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