Getting back to the real you

I'm making a little fanfiction about The Hunger Games.
Hope you like it!


2. What did they do to him?

I keep asking myself the same question. Why does he want to kill me? Nobody really seem to talk about it. 

I'm starting to realize that I actually love him. It's.. Just a little complicated I think. I'm not allowed to talk with him. I'm only allowed to look at him through a window, where I can see him, but he cant see me.

Gale and I are allowed to hunt. But it's not the same here, the animals are not even afraid of us. When Gale and I are in the woods, we talk more than we hunt. Sometimes I just HAVE to sing. It's pretty weird, but it's like I have some feelings I cant get out, unless I sing them. 

"Are you, are you 

coming to the tree

they strung up a man,

they say who murdered three

strange things did happend here

no stranger would it be

if we met at midninght in the hanging tree"

I dont know why I always need to sing that song. It's like something deep inside me, is telling me that I have to, that the lyrics will safe my life at one point. If I dont sing the song, I feel that something is missing, and wrong. It feels like the lyrics to the song, IS Peeta.

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