bella found a valentine a box of choclates and some yellow flowers it had a card but it said your secret admirier who was it? read to find out


2. WHO...WHO...WHO?

i called my dad wich worked for the army and he was coming home for christmas and it is already snowing.i asked if it was him cause he might miss me as much as i miss him but i would never be sure he said it was not him i asked him who would it be? he said it might be nick me and nick went to school for a long time together we would do art projects together i hang up with my dad and called nick he said it wasn't him he is on a cruise and he cant send mail

i talked to my mom about it and she said it might be manny wich me and him got in a big fight her picked me to be his partner for the science fair and he had me do all the work so i knew it was not manny


i called my bff ally she said it might be dylan i know it was not dylan he hates me but loves ally so he is all romantic to her but mean to me but then she had to go eat dinner she eats dinner really late but i bet she just called dylan

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