bella found a valentine a box of choclates and some yellow flowers it had a card but it said your secret admirier who was it? read to find out


3. bella wonders....again

who could it be i went to the fridge got my netella and it was christmas i got a list of my class i was looking through it trying to figure it out and of course i didnt finish there was a knock on the door 

i opened it there was a mailman BELLA...bella right here.hi bella here is a package for you i asked him ''do you have any idea who sent this'' the mailman knods his head ''nope i just got it from my boss'' i opened it it was full of beutiful red flowers and had pink pocadots on it i saw a card it said from your secret admirer who was it?

i went straight back to my list hmmm.dylan'nick'sam'manny' it was none of them but i didnt know who it was i just sent messages out to ask all boys on facebook and waited for some type of reply and i waited and ...................waited

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