One Last Thing Before I Go 2

Karen. My sweet sweet Karen left me. It wasn't her choice though. It still hurts. I promised myself that I wouldn't-NO, I couldn't move on. No one can ever replace her. She was my everything. How could I ever let that slip between my fingers? I love Karen.


1. Love

          Love. A crazy trap. You try to run, but you can't. When we are young innocent children, we are selfish and carefree. When we are teenagers, we experience our first "love" and we get our first heart-break. But then, when you are an adult, you really and truly experience love. This is different than that person you would eye from across the room in middle school. Different from that person that you dated for 6-months in high school. I remember the first girl I dated. She was beautiful. I knew she was the one. But then I caught her cheating on much for "the one." I don't even remember what her name was, to be honest.

          When I saw Her, though, she dazzled me. She was gorgeous. And then she told the boys and I her story. It unfair. After we talked to her, everyone went home. As soon as I walked through my door, I started balling. I knew that she was the one, and that I wasn't making a mistake this time. But since she only had a certain amount of time left, I had to make her fall for me. I loved every single thing about her. The way her hair fell over her shoulders. The way she smelled. Even her name. Karen. Karen Goodman. I love the sound of it. I knew that one day, she would be my Mrs. Horan.

          Time passed and, finally, she was mine. We later got married. The wedding was like a dream come true. And Karen looked stunning. Sadly, she passed away seven months later. It was truly devastating. I vowed to never date, fall for, or any other word fitting a similar definition to the previous words. I wouldn't be able live with myself. How I miss her. God how I miss her! Karen...please, Baby....come home....


(*Hey! Okay, here is my first chapter of the One Last Thing Before I Go sequel. Tell me what you think in the comments below and be courteous! Sorry for such a short chapter. They'll get longer. ily!*)

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