Love Bites (WWE Fanfiction)

Remember when John Cena and A.J Lee had that little fling? What if it happened all over again? But,with this time another form of A.J? What if John Cena wasn't kissing the real A.J Lee,but a girl who looked like her? Well,don't question anymore because you're about to find out what happens when love bites again..But,this time in the form of another wrestler by the name of J.J Lee and her bite is harder than anyone ever imagined.


5. Smile Like Cyanide

~J.J's P.O.V~

 Well,a few weeks have passed since my last face to face confrontation and almost befriending with John Cena and to be honest,I think my plan is gonna work.Me and him have become great friends.We talk before and after my matches and we also talk before and after his matches.He's actually nice but,I must remember that my intention is to get revenge on Nikki not try to get with John.Plus,I'm not one for relationships,but if it helps my cousin,then I'm all for it.But,if this wasn't for A.J and my own plan to hurt Nikki then I would've never even thought to talk to John.Who would've thought that a win,a smile and a mini pep talk would possibly turn into friendship? I had a Tables,Ladders and Chairs match today against Brie Bella. I sat in my dressing room,looking at myself in the mirror with a smirk spread across my face.My attention was taken away from my mirror as I heard the twist of a door knob.I turned around to see A.J walking in."Aye,Jo",She said as she skipped over to my chair and sat in a chair next to me."You ready to take down Brie?",She asked with a smirk as she looked over at me."Of course. Brie is nothing but prey or a snack for the Venomous Maiden",I flipped my hair over my shoulder with a soft giggle."Kick ass,J.J. I'll be watching",A.J said as she smiled and high-fived me before leaving.I smirked and nodded at my reflection in satisfaction before mumbling to myself,"Time to  kick ass".I got up from my chair and walked out into the hallway before bumping into John."Hey Johnboy",I said with a soft giggle. "So,is that my new nickname?",John asked,followed by a chuckle."Yeah",I laughed softly and nodded as I responded."Good luck out there,Jo.",John said before kissing my forehead."Thanks,Johnboy",I said before skipping away with a smile.I looked over my shoulder at him and it turns out he was looking back as he was walking.I smirked as I waved at him before making my way towards the ring.My match with Brie...Well,what can I say besides I won and I did my famous move called "The Venomous Fly Trap". When I made it backstage,A.J was waiting for me.She high-fived me and hugged me."Good job,J.J. I already knew you could do it. Pretty soon, "Lil' B" is gonna be around our waists soon",she said as she smiled.I nodded and giggled."Yup",I said with a smirk.John walked up to me and smiled. "Great job,Small fry",John said as he chuckled and hugged me,picking me up and spinning me."Small fry?",I asked with a laugh."Yeah",he responded before putting me down."Thanks,Johnboy",I replied as I hit his shoulder playfully."Let's hangout afterwards",John said as he looked down at me."Alright,I'll see you later",I said as I smiled.Before skipping off towards my dressing room with A.J. Ah,I'm so good at manipulation..My smile can be very deceiving..It shows friendship and kindness to him but,it has the intention to damage.


"Danger. You'll never make it out alive."

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