Love Bites (WWE Fanfiction)

Remember when John Cena and A.J Lee had that little fling? What if it happened all over again? But,with this time another form of A.J? What if John Cena wasn't kissing the real A.J Lee,but a girl who looked like her? Well,don't question anymore because you're about to find out what happens when love bites again..But,this time in the form of another wrestler by the name of J.J Lee and her bite is harder than anyone ever imagined.


1. Let's Welcome The Venomous Maiden a.k.a Mz.Hyde : J.J Lee

Full name: Joanna Jaymes Mendez Garcia

Ring name: J.J. Lee

Born: March 20,1987

Height: 5'2"

Nicknames: Mz.Hyde, The Venomous Maiden,The Flamboyant Fiend

Featured on: WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, WWE Superstars


Hey,I'm J.J Lee.Wrestler,Anime Geek,Comic Book Lover,Gamer, and the cousin of fellow wrestler A.J Lee.Let me tell you a little bit about myself..I was born Joanna Jaymes Mendez.But,my parents got married a little bit after I was born.My parents also had my two brothers before me but,they were dating then.After they were married,me and my brother's last names then changed to "Mendez Garcia".I was born one day after my cousin,A.J.Yup,I, the Venomous Maiden is related to the Black Widow.Me and A.J are definitely a like in a lot of ways.We look a like,we love video games,comics and we're also wrestlers.Our personalities are also a lot a like.We can the play the innocent roles pretty well,until we're inside the ring.Then,our animalistic sides come out.But,I'm not only like that in the ring...I'm also like that outside the ring.I've become hellbent on the idea of revenge and once I'm after something I'll stop at nothing until I get it...That includes seeing Nikki Bella hurt in more ways than one..She hurt my cousin and now it's my turn to tear her apart..I'll get my way,eventually...I know,I will.

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