Love Bites (WWE Fanfiction)

Remember when John Cena and A.J Lee had that little fling? What if it happened all over again? But,with this time another form of A.J? What if John Cena wasn't kissing the real A.J Lee,but a girl who looked like her? Well,don't question anymore because you're about to find out what happens when love bites again..But,this time in the form of another wrestler by the name of J.J Lee and her bite is harder than anyone ever imagined.


4. Innocent Manipulation

~J.J's P.O.V~

Well,it's Monday and it's time for RAW..Tonight,I have a match against Alicia Fox..I know I've got this one in the bag.The Venomous Maiden's moves are always perfect,precise and stunning.It's time to show this chick,that the "Newbie" is always ready to take down challengers...I smirk as my entrance theme "Mz.Hyde" started playing.I skipped out towards the ring,waving at my fans as I skipped merrily.I watched as Alicia came out into the ring and the match started.And to make a long story short...I won.Then,I skipped backstage where Renee Young was waiting for me."So,J.J, such an amazing performance.Friday and today.You and A.J were dynamite against the Bella Twins and today you took don Alicia Fox.How do you do it?",Renee asked."Well,I just make sure I stay focused.Once I'm in the ring,no one can stop me and I'm like an uncaged beast once I'm in a ring with my opponent.Focus and Determination is what I use to win",I smile as I looked at Renee."Well,stay focused and determined J.J,pretty soon,you're gonna be going out for that Divas Championship",Renee said with a smile."Thank you",I smiled as I walked away.As I was heading to my dressing room,I ran into John Cena...Ah,just the man I was looking for."Hey John",I said with a smirk."Hey J.J",John said.Time to turn on the innocence."John..Before you start making assumptions about me..I'm nothing like A.J..I know you two had a bit of a history together and all that but,I'm not like her.So,I just wanna make sure that you know,that I'm nothing like my cousin.Me and her may look alike but,we're two completely different people.",I said as I looked at him."I know",John replied with a smile.I smirked to myself as I started to walk away.I turned around and looked at him before opening my mouth to speak."Oh and John..Thanks",I said with a smile."For what?",John asked as he looked at me."For giving me a chance and not judging me",I responded to him,my smile never faltering."No problem,J..I'm gonna confess this..",John said,walking over to me and looking around before whispering to me.."If Nikki heard this..She'd kill me but, you kicked ass during your tag team match with A.J on Friday...Keep going and never give up",He said as he playfully hit my shoulder.I smiled and nodded as I made my way down the hall...My innocent smile,then turning into a smirk...There's nothing wrong with a little innocent manipulation.


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