Love Bites (WWE Fanfiction)

Remember when John Cena and A.J Lee had that little fling? What if it happened all over again? But,with this time another form of A.J? What if John Cena wasn't kissing the real A.J Lee,but a girl who looked like her? Well,don't question anymore because you're about to find out what happens when love bites again..But,this time in the form of another wrestler by the name of J.J Lee and her bite is harder than anyone ever imagined.


3. Dirty Work

"Get on your knees and let the games begin.Bow to your queen and I will crown your head.Cause I can make you every inch a king.Before I do it.Tell me...Tell me what's in it for me."


~J.J's P.O.V~

Well,me and A.J's plan to win that tag-team match worked..Now,our plan to win that Diva's title back will definitely have to be well-thought out and every move must be precise,but that's just the plan for the ring.The fun stuff will happen outside the ring.I have a plan that can easily debilitate Nikki's reign and it might seem a little cruel but,hell she doesn't care about what she does to my cousin,so I won't care about what I do to her.Me and A.J's win Friday night was just the beginning of our slowly rising reign as the Lethal Lees.But,there's a little something that I plan on doing on the side..For my own sadistic gratification..I'm technically a queen in my own right and let's face it,there's nothing like a king that can do my dirty work.A king that is young,willing and able.A king that can and will do whatever I tell him to do..And my candidate for my king is someone who has made a name for himself...A guy that defeated The Authority and changed WWE history.A guy that can definitely hold his own in a ring and that guy is John Cena...Yup,the guy that broke my cousin's heart.The guy that is currently with that untalented,plastic-filled,back-stabbing twit,Nikki Bella.Technically,every time,Nikki kisses John,she's kissing A.J...A.J had John first and I don't think Nikki can accept that.She definitely won't be able to accept what I'm gonna do...Once,me and A.J win that title..I can make John a king...A king that everyone will respect and accept.A king that will do my dirty work.. 


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