Love Bites (WWE Fanfiction)

Remember when John Cena and A.J Lee had that little fling? What if it happened all over again? But,with this time another form of A.J? What if John Cena wasn't kissing the real A.J Lee,but a girl who looked like her? Well,don't question anymore because you're about to find out what happens when love bites again..But,this time in the form of another wrestler by the name of J.J Lee and her bite is harder than anyone ever imagined.


6. Angel Eyes

~J.J's P.O.V~

After Tables,Ladders and Chairs was over,me and John decided that we'd go out to dinner and celebrate our wins.My win against Brie and his win against Seth Rollins. I smiled as I pulled a pair of pants on and slipped on my favorite pair of black converses.I was fixing my hair until I heard a knock on my hotel room door.I sauntered over to the door,opening it with a smile as I seen John."Hey Johnboy",I said with a laugh. "Hey J.J. Are you ready?",John asked as he looked at me."Yup",I responded as I walked into the hallway,closing the door behind me.Me and John walked to the elevator and got inside once it reached our floor.I pressed the button to the first floor.Once,it made it to the first floor,we walked out of the hotel and made our way towards the restaurant. I smiled and pushed a few strands of hair behind my ear once I seen that the restaurant was getting closer.John opened the door,I smiled at him."Thank you,Johnboy",I said with a soft giggle."No problem,Small fry",John responded as he poked me.A waiter guided us to a table and gave us our menus. We sat down before we ordered our food. Me and John talked a little as we waited for our food. I was feeling fine until all of a sudden,I felt some type of massaging against my leg.Then,I realized that he wanted to play a game of footsies.I looked over at him,watching him as he smirked at me.I returned the smirk as I started to massage my foot against his leg.Then,the waiter came with our food.We ate our food and talked and laughed about the most hilarious things.But,there was one part of the conversation in particular that seemed to spark my interest."This is probably gonna sound selfish but,it's like I'm completely ignored by Nikki.She spends more time with that belt than she does me.She only has me come on 'Total Divas' just for show.It's like she doesn't even really care about me.",John said as he sighed."Aw,Johnboy.",I said as I pouted,moving closer to him and gently rubbing his back.I feel bad for John..He's in a relationship with a woman that doesn't even really wants him,but is with him only for power..It's sad,it really is.He's vulnerable right now and this is a perfect time to infect him with the J.J Virus. In other words,make him fall in love and use him for my own personal gain and also make him my king.Once,we were done with our food,he paid for the dinner and he walked me back to my hotel room."I had a nice time,J.J.",John said as we stood in front of my door."I did too,Johnboy",I responded with a soft giggle as I twirled a strand of hair around my index finger."Thanks for being the greatest friend ever,Small Fry",John joked."No problem,Johnboy",I responded,followed by a soft giggle.I looked up at John as he looked down at me.I smiled at him before turning around to open my hotel room door.Before I could open my hotel room door,John grabbed my hand and kissed me right on the lips.Ah,the vulnerability infection worked..John is on his way to becoming my king. My instinct was to kiss him back,of course. I didn't know he was that good of a kisser.I wrapped my arms around his neck as we continued to kiss.His hands eventually making their way to my hips.I smirked as me and John finally pulled away from the kiss.He looked down at me with a smirk."Goodnight,Johnboy",I said as I proceeded to open my hotel room door.My smirk never faltering as I opened it and stood in the doorway,watching him."Goodnight,J.J",John responded."I'll text you",John added before kissing me on my lips again."Alright.",I responded.Smirking to myself as I watched him walk away.A leopard can't hide it's spots...And this snake will always hide in the grass.

"Such a deep disguise..The Devil's right inside."

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