Not Me

Aubrey is the type of girl no one notices but at the same time, everyone bullies. She is beautiful but has low self-esteem.
Ryder is a player. He is the type of guy that girls swoon over and guys envy. Everyone likes Ryder.
But what will happen when Aubrey is sent to live with the Myles family for senior year?


1. Here We Go Again

  I opened the doors to my hell hole or formally known as Madison High. I swear every time I came here something bad would always happen. Scratch that, something bad always happens. I'm not going to lie, I'm being bullied. Of course I don't speak out. I just embrace it, haha. I know I shouldn't but how could I tell my parents. "Oh hey, mom and dad I'm being bullied at school. Sorry I forgot to tell you this has been happening for over 2 years now". No, that definitely wouldn't be happening any time soon. I would be classified as a nerd I guess. Don't get me wrong, I love school, I just hate everyone else here. 

 I was just about to open my locker when a strawberry blonde girl was walking my way. I just waited for the hit to come. And surely enough, it did. The girl just pushed right through me, as if I was invisible to the human eye. 

Watch it, I thought. I picked myself up off of the floor and got all of the things I needed for my next few classes. 

********************************************************************  The end of the day was finally here and I survived another day. I just hope I can do the same tomorrow.

*~*^~*^~*~^*~^*~^*~*^~*^~^*~*^~*^~*^~*^~*^~*~^~*~^~*~^~*^Okay, this is my first story. I hope you lovelies liked it. Plz comment, favorite, like

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