All Alone...

As the snow was falling everything around me became nothing to me. I swung my gloves around gently trying to catch the falling flakes.

I let out a small laughter.
"Hey honey..." A familiar voice said.



3. Some Times

we were talking a lot on the way home. Luke was amazing. and i wished for him to stay that way. and not like the others, cuz' we're getting pretty close. "we're here..." i said and pointed at my house. he winked and waved good bye. 

ouch, it hurt when he left me. it was like the boulders fell back in place when he left. Ouch. 

i shrugged and went inside. "Hey Mom..." i came in. i immediately got a bear hug. "who was that boy Sweety?" she sounds happy. "Ehh,..? oh you mean Luke?" 

She nodded. "yes that boy, is he a friend of yours?" she stroke my cheek and i nodded. "he looks nice Ali, but pleas be carefull. Ok?"

i nodded again. "they may look nice. but every boy has a dark side" she reminded, and left. what a strange mom i have."You're Strange!" i shouted after her with my soft voice cracking mid ways. she cuckled "I know sweetie..."


i ran up on my room and pulled out my phone to see Luke had send me a text. "Stay away from this boy or i swear to god i will rip you in half..." it said. "Luke what do you mean by rip me in half?" i send back. "he is mine understood Bitch?!"

Bitch, i knew who send that. ""natalie are you a theif...?" i send back. "since when did you have confidence to say that to Me?!" she responded. "calm down Natalie, give luke back his phone, dont be a thief. rumors can spread" i warned her. Yeah she was right. since when did i have this much confidence?! "and you dont want to text me that on 'his' Phone. just saying." i was getting too sassy. "im sorry natalie.. for whatever i've done to you. it turned out this way because i didn't notice something. right?" i waited for some times until a text came from another number. "You made out with my brother!!" she wrote. "i've never kissed a boy before in my life Natalie. remember. we made a deal" i responded.

then she called me.


Nat: what do you mean by you've never kissed a boy before!! He told me himself You Bitch!

Alli: sweety. i've kept my part. and i know you've kept yours...

Nat: what do you mean?

Alli: you've never said or bullied me with my family. and im proud. so i kept mine. i dont want to sound mean or rude in any way. but your brother lied. he just hated me because i took the spot beside you he had before we started in school.

Nat: how can you forgive this easily...

Ali: Magic.

and i hung up.

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