All Alone...

As the snow was falling everything around me became nothing to me. I swung my gloves around gently trying to catch the falling flakes.

I let out a small laughter.
"Hey honey..." A familiar voice said.



1. prologue / Beginning

"Mom has santa been here yet...?"

Yes that was the seven year old me. Little innocent, not shy, full of energy. An ordinary little child.

"Mom...?" I cried out, walking around in the living room. "Mommy...?" My voice started trembling.

"Alice!" My mom yelled hugging me. "Oh Alice..." She was crying.

"Alice lets go. Come on!" She pulled me out of the house.

"Where's jake mom...?"

"Don't worry honey just come on"

"But mo'oom.... what about daddy?"

mom stopped up and knelled down gently grabbing my cheeks, taking away the strolling tears. "your dad is a monster, dont ever talk about him again. Promise?" she cried.

"Yes Mommy..." i lifted my hand. "Promise..."


"Honey are you ok...?"

Now some years later when mom told me what happened to my brother and my father.


"Leave me Mom...!" I yelled. My pillow was wet, i had missed calls from my friends. I was broken. filled with anger and sorrow. Hardest time in my life. And no, one, knows. Anythiiiing.


and this day, i am 17 years old. i am broken on the inside. holding the poker face. and so that made me shy. i keep to myself. i dont want to interfere with anyone. the only ones i care for are the animals i usually take care of as part job. and so the children, i am a medical helper at the local hospital.


i was standing at my locker when.

"H-hey A-alice" Natalie came over, making fun of my stuttering. trying to make me angry, and she did well, she pissed me off. "w-what a-are y-you d-doing..?" she laughed. i pulled my Blue beanie a bit longer down to my eye's. "i-its n-not f-funny Natalie" i said looking at my feet. they laughed and people started looking. "i-i am g-going home!" i said and headed for the front door. a boy planted his hand on the door. "don't go pleas stay, i got this" he whispered sweetly as they came walking towards us.

"good job dude, we needed to talk to her for a moment" Natalie laughed and stopped in front of us. "ehm.. now move!" she tried to push the boy away. "you back off..." he said with a cold voice. Natalie looked disgusted and surprised, and at some point, it made me relieved.

i walked behind the boy, taking around my sleeve, hiding my tears slowly dripping. they laughed at the sight. "Are you crying again you little bitch...?" Natalie laughed, and pointed at my hidden face. the boy made an angry expression and they stopped laughing. 

Natalie huffed and rolled her eyes. "whatever see you tomorrow bitch" and they went off laughing. the boy turned around and grabbed my wrist dragging me outside. 

"where a-are w-we going?" i whimpered. he looked back at me and smiled. "a place where we can have a little talk" and he didn't say more. i was mind blown. one second i was attacked by bullies, and then a Beautiful boy came to my rescue, he had to be new. but he came when i needed him the most.

he stopped in the start off a forest and looked at me with his glowing beautiful blue eyes. he smiled gently and took me into his embrace. "you can cry now, don't worry" he said calmly. his words shocked me and i put my arms around his beautiful marked body. slowly covering my face in his hard chest. i cried a little and looked up at him. "wh-who a-are you...?"


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