All Alone...

As the snow was falling everything around me became nothing to me. I swung my gloves around gently trying to catch the falling flakes.

I let out a small laughter.
"Hey honey..." A familiar voice said.



2. a Little Chat


He was really tall, smiling down at me and i felt safe right now. i knew the feeling doesn't last forever, but at least i can enjoy the moment. 

"my name is Luke, i am new around" he said giving me a warm smile. "and your name is...?"

"i-im A-Alice..." i stuttered. i have never been this close to a guy before, it was a weird feeling.

"well then alice" he said sitting down on a bench. reaching a hand out, asking me to join him. "what do they want with you? and why are they so mean?" he laid and arm around my tiny shoulders. 

"W-Well it have been like this in many years, a-and" i wasnt stuttering as much as before? probably because i was calm now. "a-and they have always made fun of me" he looked at me with a kind of depressed face, like he knew how i felt. "why do they do that... if i may ask...?"

i have never really told anyone, and i didnt knew if i could trust him or not. but i chose to tell.

"w-well me and Natalie had been friends before but is over now and since then she has just been such a big meanie" he laughed a little.

"w-whats funny?"

"you called her a Meanie, never heard that before i gotta say" he said and tightened his grab. i wonder if i did something wrong, why is meanie such a big deal? i-i didn't swear did i?

"wow you are not just playing with me?" he was surprised. "p-p-playing?"

"you really are innocent aren't you..?" he lightened up. "and you still speak up...? that is pretty brave"

i blushed a little for his compliment. "i-i dont get it" i sad letting out a loud whisper.

"do you want me to walk you home...?" we both stood up. i nodded and gave him a bright smile. he lighted up seeing me smile. and he took my hand walking me home.

it was so nice letting it out to someone, it was like a large weight was lifted from my shoulders. not only because he took my bag of course. hehe. but i felt relieved.

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