Angels Among Us


a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings.

antonym; Zayn Malik


7. ❼

Harry laughed and pushed me even higher on the swing.

" Higher, Hazza, higher!! " I squealed.

" I can't go any higher or you'll flip off!! "

The memory brought tears to my eyes. I was staring at the same swing that we played on that summer day when we where both younger.

Michael wouldn't let me go see him. He said it would be worse for me than not seeing him. I guess in a way it made sense.

I glanced over to the clock. It had been a day and 30 minutes since I first found out about his coma and had a breakdown.

Michael decided that he was going to stay with me until all of this blew over, considering he was my guardian angel and I needed him.

He left 15 minutes ago to go grab some things from Eternity. Since then, I have been staring at that stupid swing.

It captivated my mind, flooding it with countless memories of Harry and I. I bit my lip as one of us in middle school washed in.

I sat on the swing, bawling. Harry came out to ask me why I was crying.

" H-He left, Hazz, he cheated. "

I remembered my first breakup vividly. God, it was horrible.

Harry sat on the swing next to it and shook his head.

" He doesn't deserve you, Jay. You're such a beautiful girl and you're way more worthy than any girl he'd ever cheat on you with. "

He got up and lifted my chin so I was looking him in the eyes.

" I promise. " he whispered.

I nodded and smiled solemnly before attacking him with a hug.

Harry had always been there for me. Always. And this time, when he needed me in the hospital, I couldn't be there for him.

I'd had enough. I decided I was going down there. I didn't care if it hurt me to see him, he needed me. I needed him.

I stood up, almost falling. I hadn't been able to move around much, considering I had been crying for a whole day (and 30 mins. )

I pulled on some jeans and left my oversized t-shirt on. I didn't care about my appearance right now.

I slipped into some Vans and treaded down the stairs quickly. I had to get to him before Michael could stop me.

I ran out the front door and down the sidewalk, my breath hardly faltering. I was used to running, I did it almost everyday to escape random guys in the alley.

I ran until my legs ached a little and I was far enough away from my home that I could walk.

I realized hot tears where streaming continuously down my face.

" Stay strong. " I whispered to myself.

I bit my lip and walked quickly towards the hospital. It was nearly a mile away, but I was determined to get there.

I could have taken a car, but I don't have my license yet. Dammit, Jaycee, why can't you just pass the stupid test.

I was ripped from my thoughts as a car pulled up beside me. I didn't realize I had stopped walking all together.

" Need a ride? "

I immediately recognized Luke. I nodded quietly and got into the passenger side of his car.

" Why are you crying? " he asked softly.

I looked up at him.

" friend..he's in " I could barely strangle out the words.

Luke's jaw dropped and he stuttered; " I-I'm so sorry.. "

I nodded and bit my lip as he started driving towards the hospital. I don't know how he knew I wasn't going home from the hospital, but oh well.

I was more worried about Harry right now.

As we pulled into the hospital parking lot, I was already unbuckling my seatbelt.

" Will you come in with me? " I sheepishly asked Luke.

He nodded and parked the car. We walked inside and I spotted my mother staring blankly at the wall, Anne beside her.

" Let's go ask what room he's in. " I whispered.

We walked up to the desk and the lady behind it looked up at me with a vile look.

" Can I help you? " she hissed.

" Um..can you tell me what room Harry St-Styles is in? " I tripped over the words.

She looked at her computer before replying with a monotone " B37, 1st floor. "

Luke muttered a thanks as I grabbed his wrist and pulled him down the hall towards B37. All I could think of was Harry.

We entered the room softly and I cracked a smirk at the boy laying in the bed. It seems weird but I couldn't help but smile at how his arm was thrown across his face. He was such a weird sleeper.

I let go of my death grip on Luke and sat down in the chair next to Harry's bed. Luke sat down in the chair next to the door.

I took Harry's hand in mine and looked down at it. I ran my fingers over the cuts and bumps.

" I'm so sorry. " I whispered.

" C-can you wait outside? I-I.. "

" It's fine. " Luke said, smiling softly.

I nodded as he walked outside the door, shutting it quietly.

" Hazz... " I started. " I don't know if you can hear me but..I just wanted to say that I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't there for you when you got in the crash, and for not being there yesterday...I'm sorry. I miss you... "

I felt a tear spill down my cheek.

" I miss you helping me in the mornings...making sure I get to bed early enough...I miss having my best friend. "

I was full on crying now. I set my head against his chest.

" P-please wake up... "

" Excuse me miss, you can't be in here right now. " a male nurse busted in.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes.

" N-no I can't lea- "

" You need to get out. " he growled.

I cried harder.

Luke walked in and told the nurse something who nodded and walked out.

" Hey, we have to go okay? " he said quietly.

I shook my head.

He sighed. " I didn't want to have to do this... "

He grabbed my waist and stood me up, but it wasn't in a forceful manner. He gently pulled me away from Harry.

" I'll be here when you wake up Hazz!! " I yelled as Luke dragged me away.

" I promise. "

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