Angels Among Us


a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings.

antonym; Zayn Malik


5. ❺

Unfortunately, I did not dream again of the handsome man that night. I dreamt of nothing actually, just black space.

It has been 3 weeks since then, and I still haven't seen it heard from Michael. I'm starting to get worried, what if something had happened to him?

" Jaycee, can you go write the answer to number 5 on the board? "



Math is my worst subject and I didn't understand slope or any of that crap.

I stood up slowly and shakily, my anxiety kicking into high gear. I always had a fear of public speaking and I always thought in class I would get the answer wrong, so I didn't ask or answer questions.

I walked up to the board and uncapped a blue expo marker. I read over the question with wide eyes, nervous.

" The answer is 'y=mx+b' " I kid with blonde hair and nerdy-looking glasses whispered.

I thanked him under my breath before my hands shakily wrote the equation next to the number 5.

I capped the marker and sat down quickly, my heart beating out of my chest.

" Thank you, Luke. " the teacher glared at me, " maybe next time Jaycee will pay attention. "

I hung my head in shame as I felt people looking at me. I hated math, and that teacher. And probably everyone in this school, minus my very few friends.

The bell rang loudly through the air and the teacher dismissed us finally for lunch. I got up and walked out of the class, towards my locker.

" Hey.. " I felt someone grab my arm softly.

I turned around and met the same blue-eyed, blonde-haired kid that told me the answer earlier. I think his name was Larry?

" I'm sorry for getting you in trouble earlier .... I just know what it's like to have anxiety and not know the answer. "

I shrunk back. " How did you know I had anxiety? "

He smiled softly, revealing perfectly straight teeth.

" Sweaty palms, shaky hands, wide eyes.. I know how it feels."

I nodded and bit my lip awkwardly. Jesus, this was so awkward...I'm so awkward...he's so much awkward.

" Well, I gotta go. I'm Luke, by the way. " he stuck out his hand.

" I'm Jaycee. " I replied, shaking it.


As my day dragged on, I realized how many classes I actually had with Luke. I guess I had never noticed him before since I never really talked to anyone.

It was my last period..Gym. I got changed quickly and ran out of the locker room to my normal spot, when I saw him.

Luke was talking to some other guy with black hair that had a bunch of bright blonde streaks through it.

And damn did they both look fine.

I didn't expect Luke to have muscles..he seemed a bit nerdy to actually have that much. His glasses where off and he looked like a freaking god.

Or angel? What if he was an no, he couldn't be. Angels aren't supposed to reveal themselves to mortals...


[ Author's Note: ]


but so many of you guys have read and left comments and voted I just feel like we need a little spot to talk

ya feel?

idk what to really say except I really freakin love you all, and don't stop doin whatcha doin (;

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