Angels Among Us


a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings.

antonym; Zayn Malik


3. ❸

" Michael? " I breathed.

He let out a soft sigh and set me back down on the ground, but this time on the sidewalk.

I whipped around to face him and I saw a pair of pure white wings sprouting from his back.

My eyes widened and I stared at him, riddled with confusion. I thought he was joking when he said he wasn't from this world..

" This must be a dream.. " I whispered, dazed.

He shook his head slowly before furling his wings back into his back. When they weren't unfurled, he looked like a regular boy.

" Do you believe me now? " he asked.

I nodded, still a bit shaky from the adrenaline. I looked towards the street. My board lay in the middle, snapped in two.

" My board... " I said.

Michael let out a chuckle.

" I just saved your ass, we flew, and I have freaking wings. All you're worried about a broken skateboard? "

I crossed my arms and shrugged.

" What am I supposed to do? You told me you couldn't tell me things. "

" That was last night. " he pointed out.

" Yeah, like anything would change overnight. " I retorted.

He grabbed my hand. " Come with me. "

Suddenly, his wings popped out again and we where in the air. I clung to him in fear of being dropped.

" I guess I don't have much of a choice then! " I yelled over the sound of wind whipping through my ears.

He chuckled and we ascended further into the clouds.


" What is this place?? " I asked as we landed on the front steps of what looked like a huge palace.

" This is Eternity. Also known to mortals as 'Heaven'. " he said before leading me through huge golden gates.

I looked around in awe as people flew by-they flew-and I heard voices singing that sounded like angels. These people weren't people....they were angels.

Michael led me through the bustling golden road to a house made completely out of silver and gold.

" Holy crap, that looks expensive. " I stated.

He chuckled. " Careful with the word Holy, Jaycee. These guys don't always take it jokingly. "

I nodded as he led me into the house. The inside wasn't completely furnished, but it was still gorgeous.

" Ash, I'm home!! " he called.

A boy with a red bandana pushing his floppy curls back came thundering down the stairs. He was wearing a shirt with holes all in it.

" Mikey! " he yelled and attacked Michael with a hug.

I stood awkwardly, feeling like I was interrupting a little bromance moment they where having.

Michael pushed the guy, Ash, off of him playfully.

" We have a guest! " he exclaimed.

The boy turned to me and raised his eyebrow. He looked me up and down, not even bothering to conceal it.

" She's mortal. " he said, his voice sounding strained.

" I know. She's my mortal. "

Ash's mouth dropped open and he started backing away slowly.

" Michael you aren't supposed to talk to your matter what... "

Michael opened his mouth to explain but a buzzing noise made them both freeze. Ash unfurled his wings and swooped out of the window.

" What just happened? " I asked.

" His mortal needed him. " Michael stated casually.

" What is all this talk of his mortal or your mortal?? You don't own me! " I said, frustrated with how confused I was.

He let out a sigh before sitting down on a white couch. He patted the spot next to him and I sat down stiffly.

" I'm an angel. A guardian angel, precisely. Guardian angels are assigned mortals to follow and guard throughout their lives. Do you follow? "

I nodded, urging him on.

" When that buzzer goes off, our mortals are in trouble and need us. But, not all angels are guardians. There are royal angels, musical angels, angels of death, love angels. The list goes on forever."

He paused to make sure I was still understanding and I nodded. He took a sigh before continuing.

" Angels aren't supposed to reveal themselves to mortals at all costs. No matter what. "

" So you broke the rules? " I interrupted.

He nodded.

" Why? "

" There's one angel that overpowers them all. The Dark Angel. He looks like a regular person, like all other angels. But, rather than white wings, his are black. Understand? "

" What does he have to do with me? " I asked.

He rubbed his eyes and sighed once again before continuing.

" The prophecy states; 'He will end Eternity. He will come in the form of love and passion only to deceive and destroy. He will choose a mortal to use against us, and the survivors will be left to fend for themselves. ' "

It was silent for the longest time. I was processing this, not a lot of it made sense. He'll chose a mortal to pretend to be in love with and then use her to destroy Eternity? How does that even work?

" What does that have to do with me? " I asked, my voice cracking at slight realization.

" You're the mortal. "

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