Angels Among Us


a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings.

antonym; Zayn Malik


2. ❷

I snorted. " Yes there is, Haz, he is right there! "

Harry took a deep breath and spoke slowly and softly.

" I think you need some sleep. "

I scoffed and crossed my arms, standing up abruptly. I reached out to grab Michael's arm to lead him inside but my hand only touched air.

I snapped my head over to Michael, who seemed to have disappeared. My mouth dropped open and I stared in shock. Where did he go?!

Harry put a hand on my shoulder and gently guided me inside and up the stairs towards my room. Had I just imagined Michael?

He shut the door behind us and helped unzip my dress before turning around and covering his eyes. I felt numb as I slipped off my dress and changed into my pajamas.

" You decent? " he asked.

" Mhm. " I said, crawling under the covers in my bed and staring at the ceiling.

I felt the bed dip as he sat on the edge. We shared nothing but silence until he cleared his throat.

" I should probably get going. " he said.

I nodded. " Night, Harry. " I spoke quietly.

He patted my leg and turned my light off before leaving, shutting the door behind him.

I lay there in the dark for what felt like an hour or so before there was a tapping sound at my window.

I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion as I climbed swiftly out of bed and walked over to the large bay window in my room.

I pulled back the curtain and almost screamed as I saw Michael's face looking back at me. I opened the window and he climbed inside.

" There are such things as doors, you idiot! And where did you disappear to?! Harry thought I was going insane! " I blurted.

" Woah! Slow down. " he said, holding his hands up in defense.

I grunted, crossing my arms and sitting down on my bed angrily. I wanted answers.

" Don't be so mad. " he said cockily.

I rolled my eyes. " Yeah trust me, I'm not angry after you made me look like a loon. "

He chuckled before turning serious. The mood change made me a bit confused as he sat down next to me on my bed.

" Well, I didn't actually leave. "

I tilted my head, giving him a confused look.

He sighed. " There is a lot of things that I can't explain to you right now. But what I can tell you is that I am not human. "

I waited a few seconds before bursting into laughter. Not human? What kind of trick was he trying to play?

He crossed his arms and waited patiently for me to stop laughing.

" Yeah you are definitely 'out of this world' " I said, putting air quotes around 'out of this world'.

" I'm serious Jaycee. I am not human. I can't prove it to you yet but you will figure out soon enough that there are some things on this Earth that are not from it. " he said before standing up and giving me one last look before climbing out of the window.

I rolled my eyes and climbed back under my covers. Who did he think I was, a three year old? Foolish stories of things not from this planet won't amuse me anymore.


I woke up to somebody shaking me violently.

" Jaycee wake up! You'll be late for school if you don't get your ass up and ready! " I heard Harry whisper-yell.

I groaned and covered my head with a pillow. I didn't want to go to school today....or any day.

I felt my hands wrap around my ankle before I was dragged off the bed, landing on the floor with a 'thud'.

Sitting up lazily, I threw my pillow at Harry, nailing him in the face. He have me a stern look of disapproval before setting the pillow back on my bed, making me giggle.

" C'mon, you're gonna be late. " he said, tugging me up off of the floor and pushing me towards my closet.

I stepped inside, skimming through all of the fancy clothes before reaching my casual stuff. I pulled out a Greenday shirt and some black jeans before slipping them on swiftly.

I threw my pajamas in my dirty clothes pile before strutting out of the closet. Harry handed me my converses, which I laced on after putting on some random socks.

He followed me into the bathroom, taking my hair down from its sloppy ponytail that I slept in as I brushed my teeth. Our schedule seemed perfected by now, after almost 10 years.

I washed out my mouth and began brushing my hair while Harry questioned if I wanted to straighten my hair today.

I nodded. He plugged in the straightener and set it to the highest heating, for my crazy curl/waves.

" I'll go get my mum to make you some food and I'll get your bag ready. " he said.

" Thanks Harry, dunno what I'd do without you. " I replied as he walked out of the room.


I sat down at the kitchen table as Anne set a plate of pancakes in front of me. I thanked her and glanced at the clock. 30 minutes.

It seemed as if my life was always timed. Always having to be on time, always having to wait or hurry. Never relaxed and carefree.

I sucked up the pancakes and hugged Harry goodbye before he handed me my skateboard and I rushed out the door.

I stepped on my skateboard and pushed off, heading down the small hill of our street and towards my school.

I felt as if someone was watching me. I turned around and scanned the road, searching for any signs of someone.

After not seeing anyone, I turned my head back around to spot a car heading straight towards me. It was too close for me to swerve around, and I let out a scream.

I squinted my eyes shut and waited for the impact, but I felt someone's arms wrap around me and lift me up into the sky. I opened my eyes, confused.

I glanced up to see a pair of bright green eyes.

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