The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


5. Welcoming The Rest

Shannon's POV


So, since @Ana:) welcomed the three, I'm welcoming the rest. I already welcomed Michael so now for the rest of them.

Shannon- Welcome to the INSANITY CALLED Movellas. Hello, I'm Shannon.

@Styles-1994- Hello, I'm Haz but my real name is Harry :).

@Tomlinson-1039-Hello I'm Louis. Call me Lou :) heeey Haazzz.

@Hemmings life- I heard you know Michael by now. I'm luke.

@The Hood- Yeah she does and I'm Calum. It's nice to meet you, Shannon.

Shannon- You toooooooo. I guess I have more answers to this thing then ever.

Michael- Shannon, I'm bored save me from boredom.

Shannon-Nope. Sorry not my job, my job is to have fun and be normal 18 year old fangirl #YOLO people I'm amazing. I win.

@Malik :) :) :) - Haha you got served @Clifford's babe and I'm Zayn nice to meet you Shannon.

Shannon- @Ana :) save meeeeee.

Michael-  that didn't work for me so it shouldn't work for you.

Ana-What do you need saving from? @Clifford's babe stop being a dick.

Michael- I have a dick, I'm not one, I have one.

@Payne is Amazing- you guys are so immature. I'm liam by the way it is nice to meet you Shannon.

@The Irishman Horan - Is that such a bad thing Liam? I'm niall.

@The drummer irwin- I'm Ashton call me Ash. It's nice to meet you.

Shannon- Well all nine of you are here on once. That is funny since you all came on at once don't you think that's weird boys? :)

Ana- Haha. Your names for your accounts are weird and I have heard of them a million times...

Liam- You know who we are then????

Shannon- Yes, Liam. I gussed that when I started talking to Michael on here.

Ana- Yeah, when guys tell people your names and they are the same names as the boys from two famous band you know something's up :)

Harry- Can you please delete this mumble so no one knows.

Shannon- Yeah, I can I wouldn't try to make girls go insane on here as well you guys would like me to delete this so I will...

Ana- Let me take a screenshot before you do.

Shannon- Your a complete dork @Ana :) haha.

Louis- Your so weird you two.


Louis-Yep your weird. Your the weirdest person I know.

Shannon- I'm taking that as a compliment Lou.

Louis- Well you shouldn't, Shay.

Shannon- It's all good. Not a problem at all. Bye bye.

Louis- bye

This day is the coolest day ever I've been talking to One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer all day this is fun I hope I can get to now them more they are all so nice and not anything like I thought they where. They are so nice I guess you don't judge a book by it's cover it's not what I have thought it would be like. Well I'm going on Wattpad and I will talk to them later. This is soooo weird to me and  it must be for @Ana :) as well. I do like Michael he's cool don't believe how they act at interviews because their so different and amazing. 


Longest chapter ever so this is the best story ever for me and I love it and love to see a lot of people who like it. @Ana:) and I have worked hard on this. I love all of you peeps. ~Shannon




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