The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


15. They Just Can't Get Enough of Us

Shannon's POV

We are always talking with the boys on movellas, they really want to meet us but that would mean Ana and the boys have to come to my house I mean because there is 5 rooms and one is mine. They will all be here next week, or so...

***One week later***

I picked up Ana from the airport yesterday night I'm just skateboarding down the street. "Hey, do you now where 152 street is?" I hear an Australian accent say, I turn around so I can see them and I stop. "Are you asking me, because I live there?" I say with the biggest smile. "Fuck, your Shannon" they all say. "Yep, you have a problem with that?" I said "No. I just didn't see you like that." Harry said, "I'm 18, Hazza. I can look like this, I skateboard have glasses, have a lip ring and I'm a ginger I think I'm badass. Don't you think" I smirk. Michael comes over to me and whispers in my ear "Did not see you being more sexy then you are, Shay" I blush, "Okay. You guys can run right? Because if you think I'm going  to walk, you got it wrong, I skateboard every where" I smile.

Ana's POV

I am sitting on the couch watching TV while Shannon went to go get something from the store. I am so bored! But I can't wait for today because I get to meet the guys today! "GUESS WHO I FOUND LOST ON THE STREET, ANA?!" I had the biggest smile ever while Shay says that. "Hiiiiiiiiiiii!" I yell as I run to the door, " I can't believe it is really you guys!" I say as I hug them.

    "We weren't lost, Shay." Niall started to say when I hugged him. "We just didn't know where we were...."

    "Yeah, so you were lost." I was giggling while letting go Niall.

    "No. We weren't, Ana!" Niall says laughing.

    "Whatever.... So, what are we going to do today?" I say while walking to the couch.

    "I don't know.... Maybe just  hangout here today. Like have a lazy day!" Shannon said while walking over to the couch.

    "Good idea, babe." Michael said while sitting next to here.

    "You guys better not get all flirty or kissy while were in here." I said laughing.

    "Yeah same with you two, too. Ha." Shay said laughing.

    "I think we are more worried bout you two though...." Ashton said laughing and pointing at Michael and Shay.

    "Hey!" Michael yelled.

    "Can we just watch a movie?" I say still laughing a little.

    "What movies do you have, Shay?" Niall said while sitting down next to me.

    "Uh, a lot. You guys can go pick one out. The movies are over there." Shay said pointing over at a book self that movies filling most of it up.

    "Toy Story!" Liam said while looking through the movies, "We are watching Toy Story you guys!"

    "Okay..." Niall said while coming back to sit with me. "Can we watch a different movie after?!"

    "I don't care." Shay said. I hope we don't watch horror movies after... Liam put the movie in and sat back on the couch. Some of us sat on the couch while the rest of us sat on the ground. Niall and I decide to sit on the ground while Harry and Zayn were already sitting on the ground. Everyone else was sitting on the couch.

***Three hours later***

Toy Story just finished. We all got up and stretched. It is already getting dark? Jeez. "I am hungryyyyyyyy." I say as my stomach growls.

    "Me too." Shay said while walking into the kitchen. "I am going to make popcorn for the movie. Ana, can you get the candy from the pantry, please."

    "Yeah. All of the candy?" I say as I walk into the kitchen and into the pantry.

    "Yeah." Shay said getting the popcorn.

    "Okay." I say as I start to grab all of the candy.

The guys started fighting about what movie should be on next. "No! We need to watch Scooby-Doo!" Luke yelled randomly. Shay and I started to laugh.

   "No! Annabelle!" Niall yelled laughing. No, we cannot watch a horror movie! I hate them! They scare me like crazy!

   "No horror movies! They scare me like crazy!" I yell to them as I get some two bowls for the popcorn.

   "Okay we will watch a horror movie!" Niall yelled back to me. Crap!

   "Noooooooooooo! Please Niall! Please you guys! I hate horror movies!" I started yelling from the kitchen.

   "Can we please watch it?!" Niall said while running in the kitchen.

   "No!" I said looking at him.

   "Pleaseeeeeee?!" Niall said with puppy dog eyes.

   "Ugh. Fine. You win. We will watch it." I said looking at Niall.

   "Yay!" Niall said screaming. So adorable!

@6:28pm 12-7-14 here is chapter 15!!!! Hope you like it!


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