The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


13. Talking With Niall and Liam

***Later that night***

Ana's POV

Niall- Heyyyy, are you on, cutie???

Liam- Aww! Yes I am on, cutie!

Niall- I was talking about Ana....

Liam- I know. I was just playing with you!

Niall- Oh okay then.

Ana- I am on! Since when do you call me cutie??

Niall- Since today. :)

Liam- Aww! Niall has a crush!

Ana- What....?

Niall- No I don't, Liam.....!

Ana- Haha. Ugh. I am boreddddd! 😞

Niall- Oh well.... 😃

Ana- Excuse me?! 😐

Liam- Haha. No fighting now.

Niall- Oh, oh! We can Skype instead of talking on here! Are you up for it? We can finally meet, then!

Ana- Yeah!

Niall- Okay, what is your account name so I can find and friend you.

Ana- It is @Adriana_A.

Niall- Okay! Log off here and go onto Skype!

Ana- Okay!

I logged off of Movellas and went onto Skype. I saw I was getting a call so I answered it. It was Liam and Niall on the screen! I was so excited!

Ana- Hi! Well here I am!

Niall- Your so beautiful!

Ana- No. I'm not.

Niall- Whatever! Your the prettiest girl I have ever seen!

Ana- Don't lie.

Niall- I'm not, Ana!

Ana- Whatever.

Niall- Hey! Meanie!

Ana- Hahaha!

Liam- Soooooo........

There was an awkward silence. I just broke it. I started to laugh like crazy! I can never stay quiet when there is a strange silence. I always start to laugh. I am weird like that. 

Liam- So, Ana, you said you are from America. What state are you from?

Ana- I am from Idaho.

Niall- Nice.

Ana- I am so boreddd.

Niall- Wow.

Ana- Hey!

Niall- Haha, cutie!

Ana- Ugh. You ass.

Niall- Wow. So nice.

Ana- Haha.

Niall- I want to meet you in person! This isn't working for me!

Ana- Haha. We will meet at some point!

Niall- I want to meet you now!

Liam- Seriously, Niall.

Niall- What? I want to meet her.

Liam- Then meet her.

Ana- You met me on here. Why do you want to meet me in person?

Niall- I don't know....

Liam- He probably want to ask you out on a date but doesn't have the guts too.

I froze when I heard that. He really wants to go out with me? I doubt it. I blushed so I looked down at the keyboard so they didn't see me blush.

Ana- Well, I am going to go. I am really tired. Goodnight!

Niall- Goodnight, love.

I blushed when he said that.

Liam- It is only 7:30 though...

Ana- I know but I am tired! Goodnight, guys!

I closed my laptop and laid on my bed. I wasn't really going to go to bed. I wasn't even tired. Oh well....

@6:20 12-6-14 here is chapter 13 everyone! Hope you like it! ~Ana 

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