The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


7. Talking With Liam, Ashton, and Shannon

***Next Morning***

Ana's POV

Ugh. Why do I wake up so early?! It is five in the damn morning! Oh well... There is no point in going back to sleep.

**On Movellas**

Holy crap! I have three hundred, seventy-six notifications and it has only been eight hours?! Okay then... Well is anyone on now?

Ana- Hi! Is anyone on???

Shannon- Hey, A-Dog!

Ana- What the hell!? Did Calum tell you to say that?! Don't call me that!

Shannon- Yeah he told me to call you that.... I will stop.

Ana- Thank you! :D

Ashton- Hi! What are you talking about??

Ana- About my stupid nickname Calum gave me yesterday.

Ashton- What is your nickname?

Shannon- A-DOG!

Ashton- Yeah that is stupid.

Shannon- I like it! It is a good nickname!

Ana- No it isn't, Shay.

Shannon- Whatever.... A-Dog.... hahaha

Ana- Shannon! Stop it!

Ashton- Umm... Do you want to talk about something else before you guys have a start to hate each other?

Ana- Yes! Please!

Shannon- Ugh. Fine.

Liam- Hi! How are you guys??

Ashton- Hi, Liam. I'm good.

Ana- Hey. I am good other than Calum ad Shay are calling me A-Dog and it is driving me CRAZY!

Shannon- Hi, L-Dog! I am doing GREAT! Hahaha! What about you?

Liam- I am good. Why did you just call me 'L-Dog'?

Shannon- Because Ana won't let me call her 'A-Dog' so I am just going to call you, 'L-Dog'.

Liam- Oh god...

Shannon- I have to go! Bye guys!

Ana- Bye S-Dog! Hahaha! Okay that pounds stupid....

Ashton- Yeah, that does sound stupid....

Ana- Hey! Well I am going to go. I am reallyyyyyyy tired..... Bye!

Ashton- Bye!

Liam- Bye!

 Wow now almost all of us have stupid nicknames! Hahaha oh well!



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