The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


34. Selfie! Oops...

***One Week Later***

Ana's POV

   "Hey guys! Come here!" I say and grab my phone. "Why, love?" Niall says as he hugs me from behind. "I want to take a huge group selfie." I say as I turn around to face him. "Okay!" he says smiling at me. Everyone crowds around and we take the picture. "Yay! Thank you!" I say and I go on Movellas. I just realized I haven't been on for like two months... Oops... I decide to pot the picture.

Hey!!! I know I haven't been on in a long time! Sorry about that! I have been hangin' with some friends. Here I am with @💙Michael_Is_My_Cliff, @Amour Fallen Angel, @Styles-1994, @Tomlinson-1039, @Malik:) :) :), @Payne is Amazing, @The Irishman Horan, @Clifford's babe, @Hemmings' life, @The Hood, and @The Drummer Irwin.

I attach the picture to the mumble then post it. "There we go!" I say smiling. Once I post it I notice the comments go crazy!




Oh no... I TOTALLY FORGOT THEY DIDN'T WANT ANYONE TO KNOW! OH NO! "ADRIANA! What did you do?!" Shannon screams. "I totally forgot! I am really sorry! Now everyone on there knows about you guys!" I say starting to cry. This is all my fault... I can't believe I did that. "NOOOOOOO! THANKS A LOT!" Louis says a bit mad at me. They all probably hate me!

I run upstairs into the guestroom I was sleeping in. I slam the door, lock it, and slide to the ground in tears. "Now everyone is going to know about them... This is going to be all over the media that they are on some fan fiction website, just because of me. I feel horrible... They all probably hate me..." I say sobbing. Suddenly, my phone starts buzzing. I take it out of my pocket and see there is a lot of twitter alerts. I notice some of them saying that the boys have Movellas accounts. What have I done?! I just want to go home. I ruined everything. "Ana... Open the door." I hear someone say. I am not quite sure who it is though...

    "No. Go away. You are probably just going to yell at me." I say crying even more. "No. I am not going to, love. There is no need to yell at you." It was Niall. I heard more voice so I guess everyone is out there. "Fine." I say as I get up and unlock the door. They all walk into the room. "Don't cry. You shouldn't cry. It was just a mistake." Niall says as he wraps me in his arms. "Yeah. Just a very big dumb mistake!" Louis says in a sassy tone. I start to cry even more because of Louis. "Don't you get that I feel HORRIBLE for doing that?!" I say as I let go of Niall, "Ana, calm down, sweetie." I couldn't calm down though. I feel horrible and I wish I never did anything. 

    "Can I just go home?" I say sitting on the quest bed. "Why?!" Beanie says while sitting next to me. "I don't think you guys want me to make more mistakes." I say as I wipe my tears away. "No! You can't leave!" Shannon says while sitting on the other side of me. "Can I please go home?" I say sadly. I wanted to leave. I felt bad. I really have to be smarter about things! "Don't leave, Ana. It was just a little mistake. It is fun when you are here." Liam says smiling at me and hugs me quickly. "Haha. I don't know..." I say and I smile a little. "There is that pretty smile! I don't like seeing you cry!" Niall says sitting behind me. "I still need to go home kind of..." I say looking at them. "Why?" Luke asks curiously. "I just feel like it." I say looking at the ground. "She just wants to leave because of what she did." Louis says laughing a little. I was hurt by his comments. They were rude. He wasn't like that all of the time though. "Are you trying to make me feel worse?!" I say getting up off my bed and looking Louis straight in the eye. "No. Sorry." I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed some of my clothes. I start packing.

    "Are you really leaving?!" Niall asks getting up from the bed. "Yes." I say and grab some more of my clothes.

Niall's POV

This is horrible. Ana is going to leave. What she did was just a mistake. She didn't mean for everyone to find out that we have accounts on there. I honestly don't even know why we got accounts on there anyways. It is our faults I guess. "You can't leave love." I say as I stare into Ana's eyes. "Yes I can. I am sorry you guys. I let you all down and I think I should just go home." Ana starts to tear up again. "Ana, you don't need to leave." Harry says hugging her.

   "Please just stop. You guys also need to know that I am busy. I have school." Ana says looking at everyone with a serious look on her face. Oh yeah, that is right. She was telling me about her having to go back to school. I wonder if Beanie and Shannon were going to go back to school?

   "Remember, you guys said that you guys were going to have to go back to work after the three month break? Well it has been two and a half months. You guys will have to go back to work soon." Beanie says. Does this mean we won't get to see them again? We will still all visit each other though. I mean, we have all become best friends. "Does this mean we won't be able to see you guys again?" I ask the girls. We have become really close with them. "Of course we will all see each other again." Beanie says.

   "You guys know that you aren't  leaving yet. You still have like two weeks." Shannon says. "I want to go though. You guys can have fun without me." Ana says while zipping her suitcase up. "Are you really leaving?" Cal says looking at Ana. "Yeah."
   "We will miss you, Ana" Michael says hugging Ana. He let's go of Ana and I pull her into a long hug. "I am going to need someone to drive me to the airport. I can't drive." Ana says looking at me. "I will. Who wants to come?" I say looking around, "Three more people can fit in the car."

   "Beanie and I are coming!" Shannon walks over to us. Luke decided to come too. Ana said her goodbyes to everyone else. Why am I letting her go this easy? I am going to miss her. We all get in the car and it is very quiet.


    "Bye guys. I am going to miss you so much." Ana says crying as she grabs her suitcase from the trunk. "We are going to miss you too, Ana. Are you sure you want to leave?" Shannon says hugging Ana. "Yes, I am sure." She cry as she let's go of Shannon. "Bye Beanie. I am going to miss you!" Ana says hugging Beanie. Then, she walks over to Luke and hugs him, "I am going to miss you Luke!" Then she walked over to me and I pulled her into a tight embrace, "I am going to miss you, Niall." Ana says crying into my shoulder. "I am going to miss you too, love. Remember you can still talk to all of us though. Through like Skype or just texting. That sort of stuff." I say as I stare into her eyes. We both lean in and end up kissing each other. We both pulled away and she started to walk away. "Bye guys!"


I thought this chapter was sad!!!!! What about you guys???? How do you guys like the book so far?? Sorry for the long wait!!!!! Hope you like it! Love you guys!!!-Anaaa

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