The Big Difference

The boys from One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer made accounts on a fan fiction website called Movellas one day. Two girls find out after following the boys accounts. That is when everything goes wrong. Will they remain friends or will the girls never talk to to the boy again.


19. Second Day

***Three Hours Later***

Ana's POV

"Ahahanicdkjnzdlcksnsdljnsclknxs!" why is Ashton screaming like an idiot? Ugh. I was just happy asleep.

    "Ashton! Stop it! I want to sleep!" I yell as I get out of bed.

    "Fine! I will stop screaming!" Ashton said laughing. Okay.... I walked down stairs to see Niall and Calum were playing FIFA.

***twenty minutes later***

Shannon's POV

"Beanie, fuck, fuck, fuck I forgot to pick Beanie up." I say running down stairs. "WHAT SINCE WHEN WAS SHE COMEING?" Ana yells "Since three months ago we planned this with the 11 of us like 5 weeks ago." I say trying to get out the door. "I give up. Michael can you pick here up and take my car?" I say faceplanting into the door. "Yes, but your coming with me." he says.


So, Ana and I are having a hard time thinking of stuff I'm not feeling the spirit of writing today so 2 chapters tomorrow ~ Shannon

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